MARCH 11, 2016

Event: Nonprofit Leadership 101

Event: Nonprofit Leadership 101

20849360185_3a7e5121c8_oResearch points to the need for effective leadership as one of the most important factors in any organization’s success. This is especially true in the nonprofit sector as often times, leaders (at any level) are often cast into roles of responsibility simply because they were the “only one available,” or “the one that showed up for all the meetings.” This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on people to possess the knowledge and skills to effectively be leaders of programs, let alone an entire organization. Many nonprofit leaders have strong affinities for the mission, vision, and/or values of the organization but when it comes to operations, legal and financial matters, dealing with volunteers, and overall leadership they are at a loss and are thus required to learn “on the job.”

By learning the essential skills and competencies of nonprofit leadership now rather than later will not only help one be better prepared as opportunities arise, but will also help organizations draw from an even bigger talent pool of individuals that are already committed to the mission of the organization.

This comprehensive workshop will cover the essentials skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead at any level of a nonprofit organization, whether volunteer, staff member, or even donor. The workshop is for anyone with an interest in nonprofits, regardless of experience. Topics include: a comprehensive overview of the nonprofit sector; best practices in fund development and philanthropy; demystifying board governance and tips for leading and motivating volunteers; community and stakeholder relations; and basic financial management and legal responsibilities of a nonprofit organization.

Interested in this topic? Want to learn from leaders in the nonprofit sector? Join us Saturday, April 30 at 9:00 a.m. to discuss Nonprofit Leadership 101.

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