CityU's 5th Annual MBA Case Competition

CityU’s 5th Annual MBA Case Competition

Congratulations to the 2018 MBA Case Competition winners, Nailia Gibadullina, Minh Truong Nguyen, Jasveer Kaur, Clark Jason Ngo, Yang (Cecilia) Li and, Tuan Khai!

Launched in 2014, the MBA Case Competition challenged students to act as company employees to examine critical issues, analyze the situation, identify solutions and provide the best course of actions as recommendations.

1Students formed teams of 6, received the Case Study on Monday, and had 72 hours to work on finding the best solutions and recommendation then present to a panel of judges on Friday. The condensed time frame created an intensified and exciting experience. The event brought together students with marketing, project management, computer science, accounting, finance, and technology management backgrounds from across the different programs to compete at the City University of Seattle on a real-life Business Case involving strategic management from the Harvard Business Review.

The four-day event was sponsored by the School of Management at City University of Seattle. This year students also attended a “Guide to Success Workshop”, learned rewarding and essential skills about Case Methods, Research Strategies, and Effective Presentations from the brilliant guest speakers. The MBA Case Competition gave students an opportunity to have a taste of a real world business scenario, to put their theoretical knowledge of complex business concepts into practice, cultivate their network with business professionals and like-mind individuals.

3Judges (from left to right):

Dr. John Elmer, Associate Faculty
Mr. Tom Cary, JD, Dean of School of Management
Ms. Aly Owens, Sr. Product Manager, T-Mobile
Mr. Charlie Manger, JD, Associate Faculty
Ms. Deirdre Grimes, Career Counselor
Mr. Jeremy Chambers, Principal Faculty


4Featured Student: Clark Jason Ngo

MBA Case Competition Organizer: Cherry Leung interviewed participant/ member of the first place team

  • Cherry Leung: Hi Clark, thank you for joining us for the interview. Huge congratulations to you and your team’s winning First Place!! Well done! How would you describe your experience?
  • Clark Jason Ngo: Thank you! The MBA Case Competition is not your typical case study presentation. Not only was it challenging to deal with an industry you are not familiar with, but it was also hard-to-find relevant financials to back up your stand, collaborate with people with different perspectives and schedules in just 72 hours. That itself makes the MBA Case worthwhile to experience!
  • CL: Do you have any advice for future participant?
  • CJN: I believe by keeping an open mind, properly communicating and trusting your teammates is the key to successfully delivering a good presentation. Besides, quick thinking during Q&A helps strengthens any weak talking points your team had. The time and effort was worth it. I’ve built stronger relationships with my teammates and this definitely is value-adding to my resume. Thanks City University of Seattle for providing this experience!

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