Team meeting about a project

Multi-million dollar project manager goes back to school

Impressively, Melissa worked her way up for most of her career without a college degree, but with her sights set on a promotion, she decided to go back to school.

Daniel at the top of the Space Needle

Student gains new business knowledge, experiences and friends in Seattle

Seattle draws thousands of tourists each year, particularly during its sunshine-filled warmer months. Among the visitors in July was Daniel from Mexicali, Mexico. While he did take in sights including the Space Needle, Pike Place Market and Columbia Tower, he also took three classes toward his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree.

Mohammed Shamia and family

Engineer builds upon skills with an MBA

Balancing responsibilities, managing time and meeting competing deadlines are challenges that students often face, and many wonder can it be done? Master of Business Administration student Mohammed Shamia is proof that it can.

Manager at work

Aviation professional seeks new opportunities in management

After a successful 30-year career in aviation, Willy Hughes is ready to take the next step in management. So, he decided it was time to finish his bachelor’s degree.

Luke Bailey with Dr. Laura Williamson and Dean Tom Cary

Student seeks to support small businesses, educate others by earning a DBA

A desire to apply his business savvy to helping small business owners succeed motivated Luke Bailey to pursue a Doctor of Business Administration degree.

John Neibert

Retired veteran focuses career on helping others through healthcare administration

After retiring from a 21-year career in the U.S. Army, City University of Seattle alumnus and current student John Neibert began looking for a way to help other veterans when an executive order signed by President Obama opened a door for him to become a peer counselor.