Blackboard awards reception

Award-winning online course sets students up for success

Despite its advantages in flexibility and accessibility, online education occasionally gets downplayed and characterized as impersonal and focused on individual, rather than collaborative approaches to learning. But, what if that weren’t the case?

A U.S. Marine guides an MK-28 extended cargo truck during an exercise in Haramura Higashihiroshima, Japan.

Marine earns master’s degree in leadership online from Japan

Will Greeson leads a team of photographers and videographers who are tasked with capturing footage of the Marines’ work – from humanitarian aid projects to active combat training – in the Pacific region.

Christina Tkacs

Travel lover earns her master’s degree on the road

Christina Tkacs took a five-month motorcycle trip through Central and South America with her husband, and not only did she take in fresh sights, meet new people and explore different cultures, she discovered her next career path, too.

Woman with a notebook

A self-motivated teacher and leader pursues a doctorate

Some people know early on that they want to earn a doctoral degree. Whether it’s the thirst for additional education, a desire to pursue a chosen career, or an aspiration to earn the “doctor” title, the decision to earn a doctorate is typically a very deliberate choice. Yet, for Sophia Haynes it was not.