Students at 2017 Commencement

Message from the President – December 2017

We accomplished so much in the last 12 months at City University of Seattle, and I would like to remember just a few of my favorites.

President Frisch and Vi Tasler

Message from the President – November 2017

Finishing is in our DNA at City University of Seattle. It has been from the beginning, and you need look no further than founding member Vi Tasler for evidence.

Graduate at commencement

Message from the President – October 2017

CityU is committed to growing our graduate-level education and expanding opportunities for students. Our CityU 2020 strategic plan directs us to develop at least one new differentiated graduate program annually in a discipline that is aligned with the evolving job demands of the Pacific Northwest.

President Frisch speaks to students and alumni in Tacoma.

Message from the President – September 2017

We have the privilege of helping students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their chosen professions at City University of Seattle. Responsibility comes with that privilege. While our main goal is helping students complete their academic programs and cross the finish line, our commitment to support our students does not end at graduation.

CityU building in summer

Message from the President – August 2017

It is summer in Seattle. Record heat, following record rain! But City University of Seattle continues to be a cool place to be during our sunshine-filled months.

Crowd at CityU commencement

Message from the President – July 2017

At City University of Seattle, we are all about the finish, and nothing represents that better than the graduation ceremony when students walk across that finish line and receive their diploma jackets.