JUNE 6, 2014

How to Apply to CityU

How to Apply to CityU

Congratulations! Making the decision to get a degree in higher education is one that will make a great impact on your future and your opportunities. We are glad we can help you on your journey.

If you’re worried about the application and everything that goes along with it- don’t! We are here to help you every step of the way. You can always give us a call at 1-888-422-4898 with any questions you have.

Below are the 8 steps that you need to take before becoming a CityU student. And, the good news is, an advisor is there every step of the way.

8 Steps to Becoming a CityU Student

1)      Decide on your program of study. In this decision process, be sure to think about which CityU campus you would like to attend and if you prefer online, in-class, or mixed mode (a mix of in-class and online) classes.

2)      If you are interested in student financial aid, make sure you fill out the FAFSA form as soon as possible after January 1. You will need to have your tax return information for the current year. The CityU Financial Aid School Code is 013022 (you will need this while you fill out the application). CityU’s Financial Aid team is available to assist you should you need their help, reach out to them at 206-239-4540 or finaid@cityu.edu

3)      Complete the CityU application. You can fill it out online.

4)      Submit the $50 application fee. If you apply online, there will be a section to include a credit card number. One of our advisors will contact you to finalize your application payment fee. If you apply using the paper format, please send a check in the full amount with your application.

5)      Regardless of how you apply, you will need to submit your transcripts to CityU. Make sure that they are “official” copies! They can be sent to City University of Seattle, Registrar’s Office at 521 Wall Street, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98121. You can send an electronic transcript if it is sent from another recognized institution using proper security measures.

6)      If English is your second language and/or English proficiency has been requested, please submit proof of English proficiency to City University of Seattle, Registrar’s Office at 521 Wall Street, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98121

7)      Check your program page to see if your program has any additional requirements. Some programs require a resume, essay, and/or letters of recommendation. You can find out here.

8)      After your application has been processed, your advisor will contact you. Usually this process from submitting your application to being contacted will take 1 to 2 weeks, depending on when you apply and how quickly you submit the rest of your documentation. Your advisor will then give you more information you need and help you get registered for classes. Make sure once you have been given a “@cityu.edu” email that you check it regularly.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to an advisor at info@cityu.edu or chat with an advisor via Live Chat. Before class starts, remember to familiarize yourself with the technology you will be using in your courses, order your books, and purchase any other course materials. We are glad that you chose CityU.