MARCH 20, 2013

Activities in the Snow, Sun and Rain at CityU at CETYS University in Baja California

Activities in the Snow, Sun and Rain at CityU at CETYS University in Baja California
Students study inside during a snow storm

This quarter’s weekend sessions were offered at CETYS campuses in Tijuana and Mexicali. Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Management from CETYS’ three campuses (Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada) were scheduled to participate in their sessions in Tijuana with CityU faculty: Maureen “Tee” Nearman and Vincent Butterfield. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration students joined their cohort members and CityU faculty Julie Wiebell and Dr. Laura Williamson in Mexicali. Neither CityU or CETYS expected to have a snow storm in the mountains. I received a warning from the Baja California’s Civil Security Department informing residents that the road between Tijuana – Mexicali were going to be closed due to the weather, which prevented students from Tijuana to travel to Mexicali and vice-versa. I came up with a “Plan B”.

“Plan B” consisted of connecting to professor Maureen “Tee” Nearman and professor Vincent Butterfield by Skype conference with the Mexicali group. Mexicali students were able to interact in class and actually performed final presentations, LIVE. The Tijuana students were present in the class.

Students visiting PACCAR

Professor Julie Wiebell and Professor Laura Williamson were also connected by Skype conference with the Tijuana group. They were able to interact in the class and Professor’s Julie students performed final presentations. The Mexicali students were present in the class.

Through the use of technology, CityU classes went on as scheduled.

On a different note, and testing the power of social media, CityU challenged students in the BSBA and BAM cohorts to share a group picture to see which group would have a higher “reach” number on Facebook. The winning group would get a surprise.

Students have Pizza party

During the students’ fall quarter classes, a group picture was coordinated and uploaded to City University of Seattle’s Latin America Facebook page and both groups were challenged to share and like the pictures. The group that won was the group with the least amount of students, the BAM students. These cohorts were provided pizza for lunch. Due to storm however, we had two mini-pizza parties.

Students visiting PACCAR

In addition to these events, students in the BSBA had two scheduled trips: One to PACCAR’s KenMex (Kenworth) plant and another to AGROBAJA.

Professor Julie Wiebell scheduled a visit to Agrobaja with her students. Agrobaja is a wonderful event that is in Mexicali. Its hosted by the agricultural industry and represents different producers from all over Mexico. Here they exhibit their products and find export opportunities.

It was a weekend full of activities and so much fun. Students, faculty, and our colleagues at different enterprises enjoyed a weekend filled with events, but most importantly learning.