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Washington, along with many other states throughout the country, has a shortage of teachers. This makes it difficult for school districts to fill vacant positions and contributes to challenges including increased class sizes.

To help meet the needs of schools and their students, programs have emerged to help professionals transition from outside careers into the classroom.

City University of Seattle’s alternative routes to teacher certification is one such program. The university, which is one of the leading producers of educators in the state of Washington, has been training teachers through this program since 2001. If you’re interested in becoming a teacher, CityU can help you get certified and into a classroom in one year.

Alternative routes to teacher certification

CityU’s quick-paced, yet academically rigorous program helps individuals who have prior experience earn their teacher certification. Our program also prepares students to teach and create curriculum in shortage areas including math, English Language Learner (ELL) and special education.

To meet the needs of students from different circumstances, four routes to teacher certification are available:

Getting started as soon as possible

CityU’s alternative route to teacher certification program typically starts once per year in July. However, there are a number of requirements new students must fulfill before they begin the program, some of which can be time consuming.

If you know you’re interested in starting the program next summer, we recommend that you begin the admission process as soon as possible.

Key admission requirements

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If you are interested in becoming a teacher, CityU can help you go from start to finish in one year. With 15 years of experience in alternative routes to teacher certification, our faculty know how to prepare students to succeed. Contact us to learn more.

Published October 31, 2016



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