Awakening curiosity in learners: a faculty profile

Vicki Butler with python and alligator

By Dr. Jan Lüedert

From the moment she stepped into a classroom, Dr. Vicki Butler realized that the best way to learn and share knowledge is based on interaction. Students – whether in middle school or as post-secondary graduates – benefit from being able to have a voice in their learning process and to take ownership of discovering what is valuable to them.

Vicki believes that an effective educator continuously asks students, “How do you learn best?” It is her ability to listen to students and to innovate from those insights and multifaceted experiences, which are reflected so clearly throughout her impressive career.

Awakening the natural curiosity of learners lies at the heart of Vicki’s approach to teaching and learning.

35 years of classroom experience

Vicki recently joined City University of Seattle as Associate Program Director for Everett and as Curriculum Director for the Albright School of Education (ASOE). She also teaches a fully redesigned and exemplary course titled EAD523 Instructional Technology and Online Education for the Master of Adult Education program. And recently she has been named the ASOE Associate Dean.

She comes with a wealth of experience and expertise with over 35 years of classroom experience, primarily in middle schools with literature, history, science, and environment education. She has also taken on administrative leadership roles by directing academic technology initiatives and by innovating the integration of instructional technologies at various institutions.

Vicki holds a doctorate of Educational Leadership from Seattle University, where she researched models geared to create and sustain innovative learning environments. She also received a MAED in Curriculum and Instruction from Seattle University.

Dr. Vicki Butler, SAL faculty and ASOE Program Director
Dr. Vicki Butler, SAL faculty and ASOE Associate Dean

Share, discuss and grow

As a faculty member, Vicki looks forward to engaging with a new generation of educators, whether they choose a career in schools, the non-profit sector or for profit and public organizations. She seeks to empower our graduate students in the Master of Adult Education to lead the way by becoming future experts in a fast-paced and changing technological environment.

Vicki intends to create a learning space filled with curiosity, where learners and teachers work and blossom side by side.

Or, as she puts it, “To meet – to discuss – to grow.”

Find out about the Master of Adult Education and if teaching adults is for you! You can also explore City University of Seattle’s other graduate leadership programs on the CityU website or by requesting more information. We’re all about the finish!

Published January 8, 2018



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