APA Citation Tools (Part 1)

APA Citation Tools (Part 1)

Would you like help formatting reference citations in APA style for your research papers?

The online databases that you use to locate full text articles for your research assignments provide automated reference citations. You can use these citations as a starting point for your reference list, but please note that they are not always accurate, even if they are listed as APA citations. Each database includes a disclaimer, reminding you that you need to proofread the citations and make minor corrections to ensure that your reference list is formatted correctly in APA style.

CityU Library’s How do I use APA citation style? guide, available on the My.CityU student portal and through Blackboard course shells, provides sample citations, information about formatting documents, and additional APA style resources aligned with the 6th edition of the style manual.

You can also can use the features in Word 2007 to save the sources you use in your paper, create in-text citations, and produce a references list? Learn how to make the most of the APA features in Word 2007 by watching this short video created by the CityU library: How to Use the APA Features of Microsoft Word 2007

Compare the following citations and disclaimers generated using Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) and Research Library (ProQuest) databases with the corrected APA style citation. How many capitalization, italicization, punctuation, and other errors do you find?

Academic Search Premier’s version:

Lamb, A., & Johnson, L. (2010). Beyond Googling: Applying Google Tools to Inquiry-based Learning.

Teacher Librarian, 37(4), 83-86. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier database.

EBSCO database disclaimer – NOTE: Review the instructions at EBSCO Support Site and make any necessary corrections before using. Pay special attention to personal names, capitalization, and dates. Always consult your library resources for the exact formatting and punctuation guidelines.

Research Library’s version:

Lamb, A., & Johnson, L.. (2010). Beyond Googling: Applying Google Tools to Inquiry-based Learning. Teacher Librarian, 37(4), 83-86,92. Retrieved October 21, 2010, from ProQuest Education Journals. (Document ID: 2032676261).

ProQuest database disclaimer – ! ATTENTION

Ensure the accuracy and completeness of your bibliography by following these instructions (these appear to be APA 5th edition instructions). In particular, the formatting of author names and dates might need to be corrected and missing information may need to be filled in.

Corrected APA style citation:

Lamb, A., & Johnson, L. (2010). Beyond googling: Applying Google tools to inquiry-based learning.

Teacher Librarian, 37(4), 83-86.

Published October 22, 2010



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