Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning

Dr. Liz Fountain presenting at this conference in 2013
Dr. Liz Fountain presenting at this conference in 2013

City University of Seattle continues its academic conference series on proven practices in teaching and learning with its second annual conference to be held at the Seattle campus on Saturday, March 29th, 2014. This conference will focus on strategies used for teaching adult learners the skills needed to be effective leaders in their fields. CityU is issuing a call for proposals for presentations to be delivered at the conference and papers to be published in a collection of proceedings that will be published as the third installment in the Proven Practices in Higher Education book series.

Conference / Book Theme

A number of experts have pointed to a leadership crisis, particularly as seasoned leaders from the baby boom generation continue to retire. This decline in available leaders is occurring as world events are calling for ethical and experienced leaders to fill emerging roles. Alternative operating models, expanding globalization, the need for sustainable development are factors contributing to the increasing need for highly effective business, healthcare and government leaders. The growing standardization of curriculum, increased accountability procedures for educational providers, the heavy impact of poverty on families, the reduction of school budgets, and the destabilization of traditional educational delivery formats caused by technology are asking more of school leaders than ever before.

As educators, how are we meeting this need? As we teach topics that are either directly or indirectly related to leadership, how can we ensure that we are preparing future generations to take on the leadership challenges that they are likely to face? How can we ensure that the graduates we produce from our institutions are able to step up and provide the type of agile leadership needed to move organizations forward?

This conference will provide an opportunity for staff and faculty members to share research and best practices with their colleagues on how they instill leadership skills in their graduates across a variety of different fields. Such topics could include:

  1. Change management
  2. Ethical leadership
  3. Sustainable leadership
  4. Global leadership
  5. Team leadership
  6. Strategic planning
  7. Coaching or mentorship
  8. Educational leadership
  9. Managing complex organizations

Call for Proposals

We invite you to submit a proposal outlining a presentation that addresses the practice of teaching leadership or a related theme. Those whose proposals are selected will be expected to prepare a conference paper and present at the conference. These papers will be included in published conference proceedings as a third edited book in the Proven Practices in Higher Education series to be published following the conference. The proceedings from the Second conference, Innovations in Teaching Adults can be found online.

Interested participants should submit a 2-page proposal that describes the leadership teaching practice to be addressed, the discipline in which the strategy is applicable, and the extent to which the strategy is effective. The objective of the conference is to provide educators, regardless of discipline, understanding of the various tools available to provide the skills students need to be future leaders.


Published October 18, 2013



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