What’s in a name? Albright School of Education

What’s in a name? Albright School of Education

The Albright School of Education at City University of Seattle empowers educators and administrators – from new teachers to superintendents – with the knowledge and skills they need to educate the next generation and help positively shape the future. In fact, the school is one of the highest producers of teachers in Washington State. Yet with all the great work the school does, have you ever stopped to wonder how it got its name?

CityU’s Albright School of Education

The Albright School of Education is the only school at CityU named after a person. Its name honors the late Dr. Gordon Albright who served as the associate dean for the School of Education at CityU for more than 13 years.

Albright wanted to help create a school that produced exemplary teachers in every grade, and he worked with students and staff to develop a shared mission and vision. He was deeply committed to enriching the student experience, and was admired by students, faculty and staff who appreciated his intelligence and humor.

“He was flexible and developed programs to satisfy the needs of school stakeholders,” recalled Dr. Margaret Chow, academic program director in the School of Education.

“During a tense period when community meetings on desegregation and cross-district busing were held, Dr. Albright was able to reduce the ire and hostility of parents. What I learned from him was to remain calm and to control myself in testing situations,” Chow said.

On November 17, 1999, a commemorative dinner was held in Albright’s honor and the Albright School of Education was officially launched. Chow read these words at the dinner:

“Dr. Gordon Albright, Ed.D., has contributed greatly to the quality of education in the Seattle area for more than 45 years. Dr. Albright has worked with Seattle Public Schools, Seattle University, South Seattle Community College and City University. He has been the recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship as well as numerous grants and awards.”

About Dr. Gordon Albright

Albright worked in all corners of education, which enabled him to assess the student experience from various perspectives. He was effective as a social studies junior high teacher and as a principal of several Seattle public schools. He was also the director of Northeast Educational Complex-Seattle Public Schools and a co-founder of Nathan Hale Community School.

Albright was a lifelong learner and received a master’s degree in 1960 and a doctoral degree in 1979, both from Seattle University. He encouraged staff and students to make learning a lifetime pursuit.

In 1956, he received a Fulbright Scholarship to work as an exchange teacher in Lillehammer, Norway. Later, in the summer of 1965, he accompanied students from various high schools to Japan for a month with the Seattle-Kobe cultural exchange.

Past to present

Albright’s commitment to academic excellence can still be seen in the values of the Albright School of Education in 2017. Today’s school leaders have reinvigorated their focus on producing exemplary teachers, enriching the student experience, advocating for in-service training and cultivating lifelong learning.

Published July 31, 2017



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