Albright School of Education and its Co-teaching Model


One thing that has always differentiated CityU’s Albright School of Education is how they train teachers. This has likely lead to CityU being among the top five producers of teachers in the state of Washington according to PESB.  To learn more about this training, we caught up with Gary Benedetti who is a faculty and program coordinator for the Albright School of Education. Here is what he had to say:

CityU: What is your role at CityU?

I am a Program and Placement Coordinator, currently working at the Tacoma site.  In this role I am the advisor for two BA Cohorts in Tacoma and coordinate and place BA and MIT candidates from both the Bellevue and Tacoma campuses.

CityU: What do you teach?

I am the instructor for all of the Bachelor of Art seminar courses and also teach the Introduction to Field Experiences (EDU 350).

CityU: What is your favorite thing to teach?

I enjoy working with the BA candidates through all phases of their program.

CityU: What is something you think differentiates CityU from other schools?

To me the two biggest pieces that differentiate CityU from other Universities is 1) our use of Practicing Professionals as our instructional Faculty.  2) We provide more field experiences for our candidates to learn and practice their skills. For their second year, the initial focus is to find a placement in one school and often with one teacher for the year.  This provides for the opportunity for candidates and mentors to develop and practice co-teaching skills.

CityU: What is Co-teaching?

Co-teaching includes:

Strategies include:

CityU: As an educator, what do you think are the benefits of co-teaching?

Co-teaching enables us to…

CityU: I understand we have a partnership with the Auburn School District? What does that look like?

The partnership was initiated by the Superintendent of Auburn Schools through the leadership of Lynn Olsen. To start, it is a partnership with two schools, Dick Scobee Elementary and Rainier Middle School.  City U conducted a 1 day training session for teachers from each school on Co-teaching.  Candidates are usually placed with mentors who have been through the training.  One of the biggest advantages is in our open and supportive communication. We have built a very positive relationship with the administrators, so that we can work together to address needs as they arise.

CityU: Do we have other partnerships with other school districts, in the nearby area?

We have a similar partnership with the Tacoma School District.

A big thank you to Gary for telling us more about these partnerships and co-teaching. If you’re interested in becoming a teacher or being trained in this way, check out our education programs here.

Published April 18, 2013



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