• Award

    $5,400, $900 per Quarter

  • Number of Awards

    No Limit

  • Deadline

    First Day of the Quarter

  • Administered By

    Scholarship Department

  • Selected By

    Scholarship Department

Promoting Your Transfer Success

You’ve earned your associate degree – now it’s time to take your education further. City University of Seattle is proud to offer the Transfer Scholarship, a $5,400 opportunity for transfer students looking to pursue a bachelor’s degree.


To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a first-time CityU applicant transfer student (U.S. domestic or international) from a Washington Community College or Technical College that has earned an associate degree within the last 18 months and is enrolling in any eligible program at the undergraduate level. Students are encouraged to apply in their last quarter of enrollment of obtaining their associate degree.

How to Apply

  • Complete the Transfer Scholarship Application.
  • Submit a copy of a current transcript from a Washington Community or Technical College confirming an associate degree was conferred.

Scholarship Conditions

  • Scholarship must be used for tuition only
  • Remaining award funds may rollover to another quarter for up to two additional quarters before it is rescinded
  • Must be full time (10 credit hours) each term to maintain eligibility
  • Must be continuously enrolled each award year, with one optional vacation term within the award year
  • Award not to exceed three award years
  • Must be a transfer student from any Washington State Community or Technical College
  • Awarded to students who have not exceeded 18 months from transferring
  • Must have earned an associate degree
  • Must be enrolled in an eligible undergraduate degree program
  • Must have a transfer cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0
  • May not receive any other forms of tuition discount (military, CityU employee benefit, etc.)
  • Must have earned an associate degree
    (Funds will disburse after degree is conferred and student has until the end of their first quarter to provide transcripts of their conferred degree. If it is not provided by the end of the first quarter, scholarship is rescinded.)

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