Explore Housing Options for International Students

Seattle is annually ranked one of the best places to live due to its beauty, nightlife, and career opportunities. As a CityU international student, you have many options for safe, convenient living accommodations in and around the city. Check out a few of the options below, and contact the International Student Office at iso@cityu.edu to learn more.

Seattle Residence Hall

Living downtown can be expensive; therefore, we are proud to offer a residence hall for all students who attend CityU. The residence hall is within walking distance of the Seattle campus, and boasts several modern amenities that students of varying ages and cultures would want and need. Learn more about our residence hall.


Another long-term housing option you may want explore is called a homestay. A homestay is living with a family here in Washington State. It’s a great way to experience American culture firsthand while you live with a family. Download this international housing information form to learn more and talk with one of our international student advisors.

If you are unfamiliar with the area and would like to live here first and decide what to do when you get here, you can stay with a host family or arrange for a month-to-month lease. This should be arranged prior to arriving. Contact the International Student Office at iso@cityu.edu for more information.

Living Outside of the City

If this option is not a good fit for you, we invite you to explore your living options in and outside the city of Seattle, as transportation is readily available near the Seattle campus and can take the form of a bustrain, or light rail system.

CityU of Seattle is centrally located in downtown Seattle within blocks of hotels and public transit, which can transport you to and from the airport. If you would like guidance on the best route to our campus, contact the International Student Office at iso@cityu.edu.