About Seattle

From City Life to the Outdoors

CityU’s Seattle campus is located in downtown Seattle, minutes from the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Experience Music Project, award-winning restaurants, and nightlife. Love the outdoors? In Seattle, you’re surrounded by parks and opportunities for hiking, camping, and exploring just minutes outside of the city.

For a little history about Seattle, visit the City of Seattle website. Here are a few fun facts about Seattle:

  • It is home to Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, Costco, Amazon, and several other successful international companies.
  • Annually, it is ranked among the smartest and most successful cities due to the number of people with college degrees and the number of growing companies here.
  • Population: 652,405
  • Average summer temperature: 72 F/22 C
  • Average winter temperature: 41 F/5 C
  • Average rainfall: 926 mm
  • Average days with snowfall per year: Seven
  • Distance to the Pacific Ocean: 0.0 meters (Seattle has 323 km of coastline)
  • Distance to the Cascade Mountains: 86 km (Snoqualmie Pass)
  • Distance to Vancouver, Canada: 225 km


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