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Aaron Shook Wins CityU’s 2011 Seahawks Undergraduate Scholarship

Aaron Shook Wins CityU’s 2011 Seahawks Undergraduate Scholarship

This week City University of Seattle awarded our $15,000 2011 Seahawks Undergraduate Scholarship to Aaron Shook, a CityU Bachelor of Science in Business Administration candidate. This award was presented to him by our Provost, Dr. Steven Olswang, during halftime of Monday night’s televised football game.

To understand how this scholarship will be helpful in Aaron’s life, and get to know him a little better, we interviewed him after Monday night’s game. Here is what he had to say…

Provost Olswang Presents Scholarship to Aaron Shook
Provost Olswang Presents Scholarship to Aaron Shook

CityU (CU): How do you plan on using our 2011 Seahawks Undergraduate Scholarship that was awarded to you this week?

Aaron Shook (AS): The $15,000 scholarship that I was awarded will allow me to finish my degree in Business Administration while still focusing on the financial obligations I have to my family. It will give me the freedom to focus on my studies instead of how I will be paying for the next quarter’s classes.

CU: Why did you come to CityU to get a degree in Business Administration?

AS: I chose CityU for its online programs. As I am a working professional with a 3 year old daughter, the ability to attend school online is a critical element to setting myself up for success.

CU: Is Business Administration something you have always wanted to study? If so, why?

AS: Over the years I have been interested in many things scholastically. I was an art major when I first attended college and eventually switched into a Health Science focus. Throughout my professional career I have always been in management and have run several small businesses through the years. In coming back to school this time, I took a moment to think about what really made sense and what direction would give me the most opportunities. I fully believe that a Business Administration degree will give me the skills to move to the next level in my career.

CU: Do you think this degree will help you in your current line of work? OR, do you plan on doing something completely different? If you would like to do something different – what is your end goal and how does this help you achieve that goal?

AS: I have spent my whole life in the Food & Beverage industry and there is little that I do not know or understand about this business. Ultimately, I would like to move into a regional director’s position and this degree will open those doors for me.

CU: Any last words you would like to share with us?

AS: I just want to say, thanks. Words cannot express how excited I am for this opportunity. My family and I are quite relieved to know that the stress of our budget will not come between me and my future. Thank you.

Thank you Aaron for choosing CityU. We are thrilled to fulfill our mission as a not-for-profit college by offering you a scholarship so you can fulfill your desire to learn and change your life for good through a relevant lifelong education. Our sincerest congratulations to you and your family!

Published December 15, 2011