A Plea From Our President – Support Student Aid!

President Lee Gorsuch
President Lee Gorsuch

Dear Students and CityU Community,

As you read this, Congress is currently planning on slashing education spending in the federal budget. They have already cut $30 billion from student aid programs.

Knowing that we are a nation in need of an educated workforce and being the President of a college that is committed to educating anyone with the desire to learn, I am deeply concerned by the cost of these cuts. More students will be shut out of college. More opportunities will be lost to other workforces around the world. And, less innovation and job creation will occur. Less education equals less opportunity. This should not be acceptable in the United States – the land of opportunity.

Many of our students, possibly you, depend on scholarships and financial aid to attend here. We want to ensure that you and all of our students continue to get the aid necessary to complete your degree. In order to do this, we need to take action and let Congress know how this would affect us.

Do YOU support protecting federal student aid and keeping college within reach for our nation’s students and families? Please take 30-seconds and sign this petition to protect aid and access. Dare to make a difference.


Lee Gorsuch

of Seattle

Published November 16, 2011



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