A Future Model for Learning

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Pssst….. Here we go again…. the world is changing. Having lived and worked in different industries and in different parts of the world, I’ve seen each of the industries changed due to disruptions within the industry. For those who cannot see the coming changes in their own industry, those who decide to not step on the escalator, or those who disregard and fail to adapt to new paradigms, the phrase, ‘world is your oyster’ may no longer be a part of your destiny.

Future of Education

Peer into the future of education for a moment – what do you see? Does it look something along the lines of Pokémon Go?  Or maybe something else? The industry is prime for a shake up and it may take a very different form than the one we are used to seeing.  Oh, the change won’t be sudden, though it can feel that way to some.  You see, the change in education is already underway – it just hasn’t hit main stream consciousness yet.

Having experienced many interruptions in my career, the advice is to jump on board or be considered inconsequential. The way I see it, traditional approaches to education will carry on for some time, but the slow decline only serves as a slow death.  Sorry to be so morbid.  What is coming is far leaner, spontaneous, quick, on-demand, will reach millions at once, and will cost far less. The economy of scale is coming to education.

A Shaky Start

The platform has had it fits and starts – remember the early MOOC’s?  But the MOOCs of tomorrow will certainly not be the MOOCs of yesteryear. Content is being created at a rapid pace, the medium this content is delivered is just one platform as to where and how these changes are coming. Millennials have grown up playing console games. Today, these console games, though still popular, are giving way to games on APPs that are played on our mobile devices.  Consider the tremendous head start these organizations have on delivery. Now consider how education can be delivered through these same formats – on the go, on demand, variable formats, self-learning with self-reflective opportunities.  These channels are extremely popular, provide much satisfaction through engagement while traditional education struggles within the current dimensional Learning Management Systems (LMS).

What is the future you see?

Written by Greg Price

Program Director, Master of Arts in Leadership

Published August 11, 2016



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