A doctoral degree may be closer than you think

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Earning a doctoral degree is a rewarding experience that creates opportunities for personal enrichment and professional advancement. A Doctor of Education in Leadership can open doors for individuals to pursue careers as board members, principals and superintendents, executive directors, higher education administrators, training supervisors, consultants and more.

If you are aspiring to reach an even higher level in your career and think an Ed.D. in Leadership might be the right choice for you, the great news is that you may be closer to completing a degree than you realize. If you’ve already earned some graduate-level credit, some of those credits may be applied toward an Ed.D. at CityU.

What type of graduate credits may be counted toward an Ed.D. in Leadership?

Previous graduate credit

Up to 12 credit hours of graduate coursework – including credits you completed while earning a master’s degree – may be applied toward a specialization area in CityU’s Ed.D. program. Since CityU’s specialization areas require 24 credit hours, if you transfer the maximum of 12 hours, your specialization area will already be half-way complete.

Challenged credit

If you have significant prior experience in a specialization area demonstrated by work experience or teaching in a topic area, you may be able to challenge up to 12 credit hours of coursework. To challenge courses, you will be asked to verify your prior experience and successfully complete the assessments for the courses. Credits for challenged courses can be combined with transferred graduate credit for a maximum of 24 credit hours.

National Board Certification

If you’re an educator who has earned National Board Certification apart from a master’s degree, up to 12 credit hours may be transferred into the Ed.D. In addition, if you completed a separate master’s degree, 12 credit hours from it may be transferable too. This is a second route where you may transfer up to 24 credit hours – a completed specialization area.

Post-graduate credit from the National University System

If you’ve earned post-graduate credit at any National University System affiliate institution, up to 12 credit hours may be transferred into the Ed.D. These post-graduate credits can be combined with 12 credit hours from a completed master’s degree from another institution for a maximum of 24 transferrable credits – a third route to a completed specialization area.

Transferring in credit is an opportunity that many students choose. Read about some of our current and former Ed.D. students who did just that: Claudia Walker, Tony Dixon, Emerald Lopez and Jessica Hance.

Studying at CityU

The opportunity to transfer credit is just one of many reasons to consider earning your Ed.D. in Leadership at CityU. The high quality of the program, efficient time to degree completion and strong faculty support are among others.

CityU is committed to supporting its doctoral candidates from the introductory course through the dissertation process. We want to see our students succeed, and are committed to helping them do so.

Contact us to learn more about the Ed.D. in Leadership and about how you can get started.

Published October 14, 2016



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