A CityU Student’s Journey

A CityU Student’s Journey

CityU Student Spotlight: Elena Biermann

Meet Elena Biermann! Elena is a CityU student in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program. Elena discusses her journey at CityU, including some of the professors who have helped her along the way, the activities that helped her grow as a person, and her favorite class. Her time at CityU helped Elena to be a more confident leader and she looks forward to graduation and using her CityU knowledge in her future career. Watch the video below to hear Elena’s story.


I am Elena Biermann and I’m getting my degree in Business Administration. I have been with CityU for four years now and I’m going to graduate next quarter, so it feels really good to finish. I like that at CityU they are really flexible, so that wherever you are in the world, you can study online. It gives me a lot of freedom as far as my location and my time is concerned.

A person that has been helpful to me throughout this journey was my professor Charlie Manger. We met a couple of times to discuss my further career plans because he has a lot of contacts and he is very knowledgeable in his field. I had a couple courses with him and they were always really fun. He’s a fun instructor; he makes a lot of jokes, makes the class very interesting.

Another person who has been really helpful to me throughout this journey was Kathy Cox. She is the advisor of the student club that I’m in, Enactus. I’m the president of Enactus, and so Kathy, the advisor, and I have been in contact a lot and she’s very supportive of my goals and of everybody else’s goals on the team.

A new skill that I acquired while I’ve been at CityU is my leadership skill. I have been the president of the Enactus club that I talked about earlier for a year and a few months now and I have been leading a team of about 15 people. It has been a really interesting experience.

When I compare myself to the person that I was before I came to Seattle, I would say that now I’m more responsible and more independent because I have lived here on my own. I didn’t know anyone before I came here and I found my way into the Seattle lifestyle.

One of my favorite classes that I took was an AI class. We learned about a lot of different technologies, which I thought was really interesting. And we also learned how to apply them to business if you have your own business. So, maybe, I will open up a language school one day and I can use some of that knowledge.
*Transcript has been edited for clarity

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Published November 1, 2021


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