6 Unexpected Job Opportunities in Computer Systems and Technology


The words “computer science” and “information systems” probably conjure up thoughts of one or two main occupations: programmer/developer or IT consultant. There are definitely stereotypes surrounding these roles and industries – some of which are relevant, while most are simply limiting.

If you have an interest in the computer systems realm, there are likely a host of jobs you never considered simply because they’re talked about less than more well-known professions. You may also assume you need to work in a tech-related industry, but that simply isn’t true either. Let’s look at some job opportunities available to you as a computer science professional that may not have crossed your mind or job search history.


For the environmentally conscious, technology professionals are in high demand. Information technology systems make it possible to predict the weather, analyze oceanic and atmospheric patterns, model climate change and assess the impact of actions on the environment. With a degree in computer science, you could be well positioned to use your technical know-how to better the future and contribute to a healthy environment.


If you enjoy working in education, or perhaps have experience in education but want to shift your focus, good news: this industry is in need of tech-minded professionals too. Technology is leading a revolution in the way that education is delivered, managed and developed. Education is moving to the cloud and you have the opportunity to help it move there. Alternatively, you could focus on cyber security and be a leader in maintaining the security of students’ personal data by creating safe networks and computer systems for schools.


Modern healthcare depends on technology to monitor patients, manage records and analyze data to uncover emerging health issues. With training in computer systems or technology, you will have the opportunity to make sure patients, doctors, nurses and other health professionals have reliable systems that are free from potential weaknesses.


You might consider it just a dream, but a job in robotics is far more attainable than ever before thanks to increased demand. The field of robotics is rapidly growing and in need of software engineers to create the programs that enable the latest in self-powered technology.


If you have strong business skills and an interest in technology, you’re in luck. Business is an area that needs qualified, talented computer systems professionals to do a host of jobs. From database engineering to web development, there are a variety of positions waiting for qualified applicants. This one-two punch of expertise can strongly position you to ascend the corporate ladder in the industry of your choosing, maybe even all the way to CTO.

Information Security

If you are a detail-oriented person who enjoys preparing for every possibility, then a career in information security auditing – one of the fastest growing areas in the field of technology – could be the right direction for you. The information security auditor is the person who accounts for all contingencies and ensures everything is implemented correctly, and that person could be you.

The best part? You can gain entry into any of these fields with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, which City University of Seattle offers on a flexible and accessible basis. If there’s a field you’re interested in, chances are there’s an IT or computer science job available there. So, don’t let anything hold you back. Get started now and break into the industry or job role you’ve been dreaming about.

Published July 12, 2016



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