5 Jobs That Require a Computer or Information Systems Degree

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It’s no secret that computer and information technology-related jobs are in high demand and that demand only seems to be growing. The great thing about these fields is that it’s never too late to break into them, or to shift your current focus to bring more IT/computer emphasis to your career. Doing so could open up a whole new world of possibilities you never knew existed!

Some fields are more in need of qualified personnel than others. Let’s take a look at some jobs that require a computer or information systems degree and are clamoring for those who have the talent and training one might be expected to bring to the table.


When you think about jobs in IT, programmer is probably the quintessential role that comes to mind. Generally, most employers will expect a bachelor’s degree from any programmer candidate they may consider. What do they do? Well, programmers – as simple as it sounds – write programs, in whatever chosen programming language they specialize in (or perhaps, in several). They often work closely with developers, and can be called upon the debug and troubleshoot existing programs as well.

Software Architect

Software architects are high-level professionals often called upon to make important decisions about the standards and platforms for a particular software. As such, they usually have a master’s degree in their field (often programming or computer science) and enjoy a lot of upward mobility in this in-demand role.

Software Engineer

The majority of software engineers possess at least a bachelor’s degree, most often in computer science or information systems. These professionals take the skills they learn obtaining a degree and use them to design, develop, evaluate and test software and systems used by computers and their applications.

Information Systems Manager

While many in the information systems field earn their bachelor’s degree, those aspiring to be an information systems manager may find a master’s degree, specifically one with an emphasis on technology management, better equips them to lead confidently in such a role. Professionals in this field oversee installation of software and infrastructure, provide high-level insight into IT best practices, and more.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts aren’t only in high demand, they’re highly valued. A bachelor’s degree is usually required to break into this field, but once you are in, the job growth projection is much faster than average! That’s probably because of the high stakes professionals in this role face: with a degree in applied computing, you’ll enter into this field and be responsible for planning and carrying out security measures to protect an organization’s networks and systems.

The wide range of job and career possibilities in the computer science and IT field is pretty staggering, but across the board, one thing that remains consistent is the importance of a strong education background. With a degree from CityU, you’ll be equipped to step quickly into the roles above (and many others!) and launch up the career ladder.

Published June 20, 2016



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