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3 ways to revamp your resume

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Are you looking to distinguish yourself in a competitive job market?

If your resume isn’t getting noticed, it could be that it lacks focus. For adult learners looking to start a new job search, a resume revamp could be the key that changes endless submissions into offers.

What is a resume revamp?

Revamp means to “renovate, make new, revise.” And that’s exactly what you want to do with your resume as you start a new job search. Ultimately, revamping your resume is a process of first reviewing, and then revising to fit your needs of finding your new work best fit. 

How do you revamp a resume?

Revamping your resume is usually a quick process of reviewing your current CV document and updating it to suit the requirements of a desired role. Below are a few ways to effectively execute a resume revamp:

  1. Remove or shorten irrelevant experience
  2. Highlight your top skills
  3. Add numbers-based achievements 

Let’s explore these quick and effective ways to revamp your resume and stand out to employers:

Remove or shorten irrelevant experience

Putting your best foot forward in the resume revamp process means editing your CV to be hyper-focused on the requirements of the desired role. Everything that does not directly align can stand to be shortened or removed altogether. Consider using a keyword finder to help, like Jobalytics by Google.

Remember that this is an important step for each job you apply for. Every job has different requirements and different keywords. The more closely your skills align, the more likely that your resume will get noticed.

Highlight your top skills

A great way to make your resume easy to pick out of the crowd is by prominently displaying your relevant skills in a bulleted list near the top of the document. It helps hiring managers identify your ability to perform the role. Moreover, a skills list can also assist with applicant tracking system software, which scans your resume for job-specific terms. 

Take the time to understand the role to show employers you’re a perfect fir for their needs.

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Add numbers-based achievements

Whenever possible, include measurable achievements to showcase your impact in previous roles. It’s one thing to describe your achievements, but it’s another to present data. Use numbers, percentages, or specific results to quantify your accomplishments. This provides employers with a clear picture of how you’ve positively contributed in the past. If you already have quantified accomplishments, consider reviewing and updating those items most relevant to the role.

Bonus: Include your recent education

You’ve put in the work, and you should show it! Hiring managers look for candidates who are actively developing and growing professionally. So, even if you haven’t completed your degree program, list it as “in progress” or write in your expected graduation date. 

Remember, an impactful CV is your chance to make a lasting impression on hiring managers. By following these tips, you’ll create a resume that opens doors to endless career opportunities!

Published June 3, 2024