3 Booming Careers in IT for the Less Technical in Seattle


The Pacific Northwest has become a venerable hotbed of the tech industry. But let’s face it, not everyone has what it takes to become a programmer or systems engineer. Fortunately, there is also a huge demand for professionals in less technical roles in the booming tech industries. Having a strong background in the tech field is useful, but tech-related industries need professionals with a variety of backgrounds to help support their core business efforts.

Pursue business with a degree in Technology Management.

Have an interest in tech but feel more drawn to the business realm? A degree in technology management can position you to utilize your business savvy within the tech field, giving you the best of both worlds.

Businesses today can’t afford to overlook the importance of technology. If they do, they’ll swiftly be left behind. With a degree in technology management, you’ll be equipped to partner your business insight with the latest in technology, giving your organization a leg up on the competition. Those with degrees in this discipline pursue roles including business analyst, information systems manager, and even chief information officer, along with other executive-level roles.

Partner your passion for criminal justice and technology with a degree in Cyber Security.

If you have an interest in criminal justice but want to use your knowledge to tackle the newest threats to our security, a position in cyber security could be the perfect pairing of these two disciplines.

Just as tech has a growing positive impact on our world, it also has a dark side. The safety of our personal information is more critical than ever, and more criminals are seeking out ways to breach security systems and compromise protected data through hacking. With a degree in criminal justice, focusing on cyber forensics, you’ll use your “powers” for good, tracking down those who would otherwise look to commit digital harm, and helping businesses and organizations better protect all of our information and data.

Help tech teams stay on track with a degree in Project Management.

If you took every tech-savvy IT professional you knew and gathered them together to form a business, you may well have a brilliant tech-driven organization. But without a project manager to control the potential chaos and push objectives forward, things will grind to a halt pretty quickly.

Project managers help keep things moving and are adaptable to a wide range of industries, tech included. Even technical minded people need deadlines, action items, agendas, and more, to keep their goals and outcomes clear. Project managers also help to identify short and long-term goals, solidify business objectives, and keep their eye on the big picture, throughout projects large and small.

Tech is here to stay – and if current trends in the PNW continue to move in the direction we’ve seen, tech-related fields will only continue to grow in dominance and size in the future. But you don’t have to geek out over IT or computer systems to find a place in this promising and growing field. Check out degrees in related business, security and management roles to pair your passion with tech for the best of both worlds.

If you’d like to learn more about the first steps towards these careers in IT and more, contact a CityU of Seattle guidance administrative today. Your future awaits.

Published May 6, 2016



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