250 Graduates Expected at CityU Slovakia’s Commencement

CityU/VSM Campus in Bratislava, Slovakia

CityU/VSM is located in Bratislava and Trencin, Slovakia. The Bratislava site serves as the center for operation in Europe. On June 28, CityU/VSM will host a commencement for graduates in Slovakia and in the East European region. There they will congratulate and award 171 graduates from CityU and 231 graduates from VSM. A total of 248 will “walk” at commencement and President Lee Gorsuch will be the commencement speaker.

CityU/VSM established its presence in Slovakia in 1991, a few years before Czechoslovakia split to form the Czech and Slovak republics. At the time, the need for more and better higher education was manifestly apparent. With the help of the Mayor of Trencin, CityU succeeded to offer a dynamic, private, alternative to the existing system.

CityU operated as an independent institution until the mid-1990s, when the University Act of Slovakia was revised. To bring CityU into compliance under these new regulations, a piece of legislation passed and formed Vysoká Škola Manažmentu (VSM) as a nonprofit institution – the first in Slovakia. Today, VSM is locally and nationally accredited, has its own governing board, and is lead by Rector Prof. Dr. Branislav Lichardus. It remains CityU’s partner and has served several thousand students over the years.

Five degree are offered at CityU/VSM

Each program is taught in Slovak and English and ensures students are eligible for a Slovak and a U.S. degree.

For more information about VSM, please go to their location page here.

Published June 18, 2013



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