An Innovative New Campus in the Heart of Seattle

Located in the iconic Sixth and Wall Building, City University of Seattle's campus is a nexus of learning and gathering opportunities. CityU's Seattle campus and international headquarters has been crafted to suit the life of the modern student.
It features...
  • 19 state-of-the-art recording and broadcast ready classrooms designed to foster collaboration among CityU's international partners and students in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia
  • 21 interactive conferencing rooms allowing CityU to forge stronger partnerships with local and international companies furthering its professional development and training opportunities
  • A student resource learning center outfitted with computers, collaborative rooms and supported by technical librarians
  • A Starbucks and much more!
This campus helps CityU build upon its 40-year legacy of...
  • Providing flexible modes of educational access to thousands of graduate and undergraduate students
  • Connecting a worldwide practitioner faculty with students, local businesses and the education community
  • Appling best practices in technology and in teaching throughout its many worldwide locations
  • And now, bringing innovative university programming to Seattle's core

"City University of Seattle will help enhance innovation and improve Seattle's quality of life - two key elements of a city that can compete in the global economy."

—Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn

"Online learning will play a major role in the future of higher education - CityU is setting a new standard by taking the lead in online education while maintaining its commitment to personal contact with its students. Their new location will bring learning closer both to students and to the companies and institutions that need the skills of CityU's graduates. We are delighted that their new location at 6th & Wall will play a part in enhancing educational opportunity everywhere CityU's services reach."

—Dave Sabey, Owner of 6th & Wall and long time Seattle developer

Location Information

521 Wall St, Seattle, WA 98121

Director of City of Seattle's Office of Economic Development Talks about CityU's Move to Seattle

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