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Earn Your Four-Year Management Degree Without Leaving Shoreline Community College

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Is the B.A. in Management degree program for me?

If your goal is to develop a broad business background and gain the competitive skills needed to be a great manager, City University of Seattle's Bachelor of Arts in Management degree program can help you get there. You'll develop an understanding of what makes an organization work - specifically, the people - and how to build a strong, successful team.

Now thanks to a special, innovative partnership between CityU and Shoreline Community College, you can turn your 2-year degree into a 4-year management degree - without ever leaving campus. It's smart. It's convenient. It's the easiest way to earn the degree you need for the career you want.

What will I learn in the B.A. in Management program?

You’ll build on the knowledge that you've already gained at Shoreline Community College, and CityU will take it from there - teaching you what it takes to be an effective manager. You'll learn about teams: how to build them, how to play a role and how to lead. Oral and written communication are key to your B.A. in Management degree program; you'll improve your skills in these areas. And you'll pick up the project management techniques and research skills you need to continue learning long after you leave CityU.

What can I do with my B.A. in Management degree?

A bachelor's degree in Management may lead to more job opportunities with a higher starting salary. If you're already working in your field, a management degree could help you earn a promotion.

Why CityU?

  • Because you want an education that's relevant to what's happening in the real world, right now.
  • Our faculty teach what they do for a living, not just what's in the book. They're smart, successful people who can help you get there, too.
  • Transfer up to 90 credits from Shoreline Community College to CityU of Seattle and earn your four-year degree without leaving the Shoreline campus.
  • Finish your degree in as little as six quarters once you have completed your courses at Shoreline.
  • City University of Seattle has held regional institutional accreditation from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) since 1978 and is a not-for-profit and an Equal Opportunity institution.

Next Steps

Whether you are just starting out at Shoreline Community College or getting ready for the next step of your education, contact City University of Seattle today to learn about how we can help you on your path. For more information about the Bachelor of Arts in Management program or for assistance with the application process, please email or call 888.422.4898.

Course Descriptions

There are two pathways to earn your Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. A more traditional approach would be to take courses from CityU online and in class. If you are someone who has a little more professional experience, likes to go at their own pace, and is an independent learner who is motivated and disciplined, the performance-based option below may be something you consider. Take a look at the two pathways and talk with our advisors about what is best for you.

Lower-Division Requirements (90)

College Writing: 5
College Mathematics: 5
Humanities: 15
Social Sciences: 15
Natural Sciences/Mathematics: 15
Electives: 35

Upper-Division Requirements (90)

Management Core (50)
BC 301
BC 306
BSC 407
BSM 304
BSM 414
HR 405
MG 360
MG 495
MK 300
PM 401
Performanced Based Core (50)
To learn more about what performance based is and how it works, please visit this webpage.
BAM 400
BAM 405
BAM 410
BAM 495
Upper-Division Electives (40)
Choose 40 credits of upper-division undergraduate level elective coursework from other fields or disciplines including business, psychology, communications, information systems, and general education. Elective courses are offered in multiple formats including the performance-based model. Contact an admissions advisor for the current list of available courses.

Lower-division requirements may be met through coursework that you have completed at Shoreline Community College, or at other community/technical colleges or universities that you have studied at along the way.