Master of Science in Information Security


Program Details

The Master of Science in Information Security degree program at City University of Seattle offers technology professionals an opportunity to earn a graduate degree in the always changing world of information security. You'll develop a broad understanding of the technical, business, management and policy aspects of information security so you can make business-critical decisions for your organization when it counts.

CityU of Seattle's master's in information security program is certified to meet the National Training Standard for Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) and the Information Assurance Directorate at the United States National Security Agency (NSA).

All students study a core of basic information security standards and practices and will complete two of the following four specialties:

  • cyber security environment
  • information security audit
  • breaking and securing code
  • cpa exam review

Flexible, Online Learning Options

The Master of Science in Information Security program is a highly focused, 16-course program that you complete online at a pace that you determine with the help of a CityU Technology Institute advisor. Please advisor the department to learn more about how our online master's in information security program can fit into your life.

Where CityU Can Take You

When you graduate, you'll be qualified to work as a systems security expert who can ensure the security of complex data and hardware networks in industries as varied as healthcare, ecommerce, IT, international business and government. Potential career paths include security engineers, security consultants and information security managers.

Get Started Today!

If you have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university, you can apply for CityU's Master of Science in Information Security program. Get ready to lead, innovate, and learn how to work in a diverse information security environment by pinging an advisor today.

Center for Information Assurance Education

City University of Seattle operates a special center whose mission is to conduct programs, courses, research and consulting in Information Assurance. Learn more about the Center.

CNSS logo
The Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation (IACE) Program of the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) has certified that City University of Seattle Information Security course of study meets the National Training Standard for Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals, NSTISSI No. 4011 and Senior System Managers, CNSSI No.4012 (valid through June 2017). Students completing the program will receive a certificate documenting their completion of the CNSS recognized program.

Program Core (15)
ISEC 500
ISEC 505
ISEC 510
ISEC 515
ISEC 520

Depth Block (24)

Choose two of the following blocks.
Cyber Security Environment Block (12)
ISEC 530
ISEC 540
ISEC 550
ISEC 560
Breaking and Securing Code Block (12)
ISEC 612
ISEC 614
ISEC 616
ISEC 618
CPA Exam Review Block (12)
AC 530
AC 531
AC 532
AC 533
Information Security Audit Block (12)
ISEC 605
Choose one of the following:
AC 540

Capstone Courses (9)

Capstone Project/Thesis (9)
CS 651
CS 652
CS 653