Master of Science in Computer Systems

AVAILABLE: Online | In-class

Program Details

The Master of Science in Computer Systems program at City University of Seattle empowers current tech field professionals to increase their expertise and advance their careers. Unlike most universities that offer master's degrees in computer science or information systems, CityU of Seattle created this unique program that offers both the theoretical depth of a computer science degree and the business elements of an information systems degree.

In addition to core courses in computer systems, security and technology management, you will have the opportunity to pursue a specific emphasis track that interests you. Potential depth-of-study sequences may include the following:

  • programming
  • technology management
  • development management
  • cloud development
  • data management/big data
  • serious gaming
  • embedded systems

Flexible, Online Learning Options

Our master's program in computer systems is available online, so you can complete your degree at your own pace without missing any work. Check with a CityU advisor for the most updated course options and learn how you can obtain a master's degree in about two years.

Where CityU Can Take You

CityU's unique course offerings for working professionals were designed to give you actionable insights that you can apply in your work setting immediately. You'll graduate a more effective technology expert with increased advancement opportunities, but you will also provide marked improvement in your current role from the very first quarter.

Many graduates from the Master of Science in Computer Systems program go on to hold positions like technology managers, system designers, system architects, senior programmers, consultants, senior tech specialists, directors of technology, and chief technology officers.

Get Started Today!

Your bachelor's degree in computer systems or a related field qualifies you to apply to the program. Connect with a CityU Technology Institute advisor to learn about our current depth-of-study areas and start your online computer systems degree program today.

Center for Information Assurance Education

City University of Seattle operates a special center whose mission is to conduct programs, courses, research and consulting in Information Assurance. Learn more about the Center.
Computer Systems Core (21)
CS 533
CS 570
Choose one of the following:
CS 504
CS 542
Choose one of the following:
CS 547
ISEC 500
Choose one of the following:
ISEC 520
Depth-of-Study Sequence (15)
Each sequence consists of five related courses. Two or more sequences are offered each academic year. Sequence options may include Programming, Technology Management, Web Development, Development Management, etc. Sequences vary by student interest, program needs, and faculty availability. Check with your advisor for the most updated course options.
Capstone (9)
CS 651
CS 652
CS 653