The Technology Institute at City University of Seattle

Our Mission

Conduct programs, courses, research and consulting in technology and technology-related areas internationally, operate a Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Education, and support the technology education needs of City University of Seattle.

The Technology Institute provides students with opportunities to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in high-growth technology areas including: Programming, Software Development, Networking, Information Security and Health Information Technology.

Technology jobs are currently - and are expected to remain - in high demand as the economy becomes increasingly information-driven. Technology Institute graduates will find themselves in positions to envision, build and support the current and future technology requirements of businesses and organizations.

The Technology Institute faculty are highly regarded industry practitioners who bring their real-life experience into the learning environment. Each faculty member has many years of experience applying the technology he or she is teaching. This faculty model ensures that students are exposed to the most relevant issues and practices, and are introduced to the latest breakthroughs in technology.

The programs offered by the Technology Institute are designed in cooperation with industry to ensure that they incorporate the key skills, knowledge and abilities that employers value in people entering or moving up in the industry. The courses are designed to be challenging and relevant with a high degree of hands-on learning. Students don't just read about technology - they use it, and apply it. Many courses use the same software used in industry, and many use the Technology Institute's Network & Security Laboratory which provides cloud-based access to hands-on experiences.

Why Choose the Technology Institute at City University of Seattle?

  • Because you want an education that's relevant to what's happening in the real world, right now.
  • Our faculty teach what they do for a living, not just what's in the book.
  • Our faculty members are smart, successful people who can help you get there, too.
  • Get an education without sacrificing your lifestyle. Attend classes on a schedule that works best for you.

Center for Information Assurance Education

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