Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

AVAILABLE: Online | Mixed Mode

Program Details

The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems program at City University of Seattle prepares students for cutting edge technology jobs working with operating systems, networks, databases and other key components of information systems. Choose a programming emphasis or focus on systems development and management.

Our ABET accredited information systems degree program can bring you into a broad number of fields such as business, healthcare, education and homeland security. In the program you will learn how to:

  • Analyze, implement and manage information systems in a global environment
  • Integrate new technologies to meet business demands
  • Contribute as a technical member and as a leader of a multi-functional team
  • Effectively communicate technically within and outside organizations
  • Uphold ethical standards in an evolving field

Flexible, Online Learning Options

CityU of Seattle makes it easy for you to fit your online information systems degree into your life. You can choose a completely online program or a mixed-mode program that utilizes some in-class coursework. Contact our Technology Institute advisors to learn more about how CityU's flexible options can help you complete your degree in your own way, at your own pace.

Where CityU Can Take You

The undergraduate information systems degree program at CityU gives you deep technical expertise while preparing you to excel in a variety of roles:
  • business analyst
  • computer programmer
  • web designer or developer
  • database specialist
  • systems developer, integrator or analyst
  • quality assurance manager
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Get Started Today!

If you have a high school diploma you can apply to CityU's information systems degree program. Get linked with an advisor to learn more about getting started on your bachelor's program in information systems today.

Center for Information Assurance Education

City University of Seattle operates a special center whose mission is to conduct programs, courses, research and consulting in Information Assurance. Learn more about the Center.

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Lower-Division Requirements (85)

Required Lower Division Courses (10)
IS 201
MATH 151

Upper-Division Requirements (95)

Undergraduate Core (50)
BC 301
BC 303
IS 306
IS 330
IS 340
IS 345
IS 350
IS 470
IS 471
PM 401
Capstone (10)
CS 495
CS 496

Emphasis Requirements (35)

Programming Emphasis (35)
Designed to introduce and reinforce the most recent developments and standards in programming. This program is designed to help students who are seeking to develop and improve upon computer programming skills as well as their careers by updating their knowledge and reinforcing lifelong learning in a dynamic and rapidly changing computer programming industry. The student will learn multiple techniques in different computing languages, and be able to apply those skills directly to their job.
IS 312
IS 365
IS 375
IS 381
IS 423
IS 425
IS 438
Systems Development and Management Emphasis (35)
Covers the lifecycle development of software products as well as the processes to continuously improve the development of software and the capability of people to develop and manage software products in a global environment. The program has been designed in cooperation with industry leaders to meet the most critical needs of business and government. Upon completion of this major, the graduate will have a specialty in systems development and management.
IS 308
IS 312
IS 360
IS 410
IS 430
IS 440
IS 450