Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems

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Program Details

City University of Seattle's Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems program is designed to teach students the fundamentals of computing and networking technologies as well as ethics and service. Our program offers more flexibility than the typical computer science degree, with lots of hands-on laboratory work in real world labs. Choose from a variety of emphasis areas including the following:
  • health information systems
  • information security
  • networking
  • programming
  • systems development
CityU of Seattle's Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems program is based on certificate programs for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), providing you with even more applicable knowledge for the workplace.

Flexible, Online Learning Options

You can complete your Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems degree completely online or take some courses in a classroom setting around the Seattle area. With the flexibility to go at your own pace and finish in as little as two and a half years, you won't find a more qualified, personalized online computer degree program around. Contact our advisors to learn more.

Where CityU Can Take You

Depending on the route you take, your B.S.C.S. degree will allow you to apply for positions as an information security specialist or manager, systems integrator, software tester, network operator, network manager or network designer. You also may qualify to become an industry practitioner.

Why CityU?

When you graduate with a CityU computer science degree, you'll be ready to work on the networks, data systems and computing backbones that support every industry around today. Many of our alumni go on to careers in the following positions:
  • software tester or developer
  • healthcare informaticist
  • network engineer, operator or manager
  • database engineer or analyst
  • information security specialist or manager
  • systems integrator, analyst or engineer
  • computer scientist or specialist

Get Started Today!

Your high school diploma is all you need to apply for CityU's Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems program. Get started in the fast-growing technology field by contacting our advisors today.

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Lower-Division Requirements (85)

College Writing: 5
College Mathematics: 5
Humanities: 15
Social Sciences: 15
Natural Sciences/Mathematics: 15
Electives: 25
Required Lower Division Courses (5)
IS 201

Upper-Division Requirements (95)

Undergraduate Core (50)
If you are taking the Programming, Systems Development, or Health Information Systems emphasis, you may choose one of the following: CS 481 or IS 345.
For Information Security and Networking emphasis, take only CS 481.
BC 301
BC 303
CS 481
IS 306
IS 312
IS 340
IS 345
IS 350
IS 470
IS 471
Choose one of the following:
CS 302
IS 330
Capstone Requirements (10)
CS 495
CS 496

Emphasis Requirements (35)

Health Information Technology Emphasis (35)
This emphasis provides students with a solid background in the systems and processes used in healthcare. You will gain an appreciation for the specialized systems and requirements for privacy (HIPAA) and certification (21 CFR Part 11) required to ensure that healthcare systems meet patient and provider requirements. The emphasis helps prepare you for an exciting future in the field of health information technology.
CS 310
CS 416
CS 430
CS 432
IS 308
IS 410
IS 472
Information Security Emphasis (35)
This emphasis introduces and reinforces the most recent developments and standards in managing and maintaining information security systems. The Information Security emphasis ensures that students achieve mastery of concepts and ideas related to modern Information Security management and administration. This emphasis area is designed to help students who are seeking to develop and improve upon their knowledge and understanding of Information Security management as well as their careers by updating their knowledge and reinforcing lifelong learning in a dynamic and rapidly changing Information Security industry.
CS 416
IS 308
IS 410
IS 461
IS 464
IS 468
IS 472
Networking Emphasis (35)
Developing a comprehensive understanding of data and broad-band communications, including multi-media applications and integrated services networks, the Networking emphasis helps students demonstrate mastery of communications architectures and protocols across a broad variety of services including wired, optical and wireless carriers across voice, video and data services. The emphasis area includes topics in network design, performance modeling, capacity planning, traffic shaping, service management, fault management, quality of service, routing and switching, coding, security, and other areas at the Telco/Service Provider and enterprise network levels. The emphasis is designed for students who are seeking to develop and improve their knowledge and understanding of networks, to prepare for careers in telecommunications providers or enterprises and to reinforce lifelong learning.
CS 300
CS 330
CS 332
CS 436
CS 492
IS 410
PM 401
Programming Emphasis (35)
Designed to introduce and reinforce the most recent developments and standards in programming, this emphasis will help students who are seeking to develop and improve upon computer programming skills, as well as their careers by updating their knowledge and reinforcing lifelong learning in a dynamic and rapidly changing computer programming industry. The student will learn multiple techniques in different computing languages, and be able to apply those skills directly to their job.
IS 365
IS 375
IS 381
IS 423
IS 425
IS 438
PM 401
Systems Development Emphasis (35)
Covering the lifecycle development of software products as well as the processes to continuously improve the development of software and the capability of people to develop and manage software products in a global environment, the emphasis has been designed in cooperation with industry leaders to meet the most critical needs of business and government. Upon completion of this emphasis area, the graduate will have depth of knowledge in systems development and management.
CS 416
IS 308
IS 410
IS 430
IS 440
IS 450
PM 401