Master of Science in Integrated Supply Chain Management


Program Details

City University of Seattle is proud to offer a Master of Science in Integrated Supply Chain Management (MSISC) that integrates professional certificates within a Master's program. When students complete the first year of this program, they will have a choice of an internationally recognized certificate in supply chain from The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, The Institute for Supply Management, or APICS. In year two, students will complete a project in supply chain quality that will earn them a green or black quality belt – similar to a Six Sigma certificate, but more inclusive of best practices in supply chain quality. This bundled approach can be completed in as little as two years, and jumpstarts a professional's career in one of the fastest growing careers in the U.S. according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Flexible, Online Learning Options

If courses are taken concurrently, this online 45 credit program takes around two years to complete. If students personalize the program to meet their schedule, it may take more time.

Courses in this program will help students master leadership skills in project identification, change management, and team building. Graduates from this program will complete the program with a comprehensive capstone project to help them demonstrate some of the following values to current or future employers:

  • Classification, appraisal and comparison of supply chain systems including: distribution, global supply chains, enterprise resource planning, and warehousing and inventory management.
  • Creation and prioritization of advanced supply chain systems from pre-design through final delivery.
  • Construction and evaluation of crisis and contingency plans.
  • Evaluation and selection of transportation, technology, forecasting and inventory control methods.
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Where CityU Can Take You

Graduates can use their degree to achieve leadership positions all along the supply chain. Job titles include Industrial Production Manager, Purchasing or Distribution Manager, Wholesale or Retail Buyer, Logistician, Operations Research Analyst, Sales Representative, Plant or System Operator, and Transportation Supervisor.

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Supply Chain Core (45)
ISM 500
ISM 510
ISM 515
ISM 520
ISM 525
ISM 530
ISM 535
ISM 540
ISM 570
ISM 572
ISM 574
ISM 590
ISM 592
ISM 594
ISM 596
ISM 599
MAL 535