Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business

AVAILABLE: Online | In-class

Program Details

The Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business at City University of Seattle introduces the changing landscape of sustainability practices to current and future business leaders. You can choose sustainable business as an emphasis area along with your M.B.A. or take it as a stand-alone program.

CityU of Seattle's sustainability certificate program presents a balanced approach to sustainability, showing you how to combine the needs of business with the needs of the environment, and teaching you how you can actually save or make money through sustainable business practices. Some of the topics you'll cover include the following:

  • business strategy and global citizenship
  • operational management and corporate responsibility
  • sensible packaging practices
  • social entrepreneurship
  • green investing and consumerism
  • triple bottom line
  • cap and trade practices
  • green credits and energy generation

Flexible, Online Learning Options

CityU offers sustainable business management courses in class and online so you can complete your certificate in a way that works best for you. Drive in or login to become the sustainability voice in your company with CityU.

Where CityU Can Take You

Whatever your business niche, sustainability is sure to play a larger role in years to come. As we look for ways to increase economic output while protecting the earth, sustainability will start to play a more central role in industries as varied as technology, manufacturing, entertainment and marketing. The CityU sustainability certificate can get you started in this growing area right as it takes off.

Get Started Today!

A bachelor's degree from an accredited university is all you need to apply for this program at CityU. Learn more about our Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business and our M.B.A. sustainability emphasis by contacting a CityU School of Management advisor today.
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