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LOCATIONS and START DATES: Locations vary by quarter. Please contact an advisor for more information!

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The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) certifies professional management accountants through their Certified Management Accountant (CMA®) exam program. Accountants and other financial and business professionals pursue CMA certification to develop their skills set, improve their job prospects and increase their earning potential.

Now, you can take CMA exam prep courses right at City University of Seattle under our Continuing Education umbrella of learning. You'll learn from an experienced CMA instructor and review topics frequently tested on the CMA exam. Our program uses up-to-date textbooks, online resources and test banks that will help in your preparation.

Effective In-Class Learning

CityU of Seattle's CMA exam preparation courses are available on campus at CityU so you can benefit from working directly with instructors and fellow students. The courses are split into two sections, each corresponding to a single part of the two-part Certified Management Accountant examination. You can take either course in any order, depending on your testing needs. Contact our advisors to plan out your CMA exam success with CityU.

Where CityU Can Take You

Certified management accountants play strategic financial roles in a variety of companies. Professionals in the following career paths can benefit greatly from passing the CMA certification exam:
  • financial analyst
  • staff accountant
  • public accountant
  • chief financial officer
  • financial planner or manager

Get Started Today!

CityU CMA exam prep courses are not for-credit courses so you can register without any application and acceptance process. However, keep in mind that IMA requires each exam applicant to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university and two years of professional management accounting or financial management experience. Speak with our advisors to learn more about the CMA certification exam and how CityU can help you add it to your resume today.

CMA Information

Please be reminded that the CPA Review courses can be taken in any order. You can take CMA part 1 even though you have not completed CMA Part 2.

Class meetings will be conducted as follow at our Renton site:

Please check back later for course schedule.

Costs of CMA Prep Course

CityU of Seattle charges $1,200 tuition for the Part 1 of the CMA Exam Review Course. These fees include tuition, textbooks, and processing fees. CMA Exam fees are independent of this course and paid directly to the IMA. The complete exam fee schedule is detailed on the IMA website. Course registration is scheduled to close on March 3.