Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

AVAILABLE: Online | Mixed Mode

Program Details

At City University of Seattle, you can get a bachelor's in business administration from a U.S. News & World Report top 50 ranked online bachelor's program in as little as three years. Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree will equip you to interact with coworkers and clients that span the business org chart while giving you flexible career options. Pick from a number of different program emphases including the following:
  • general management
  • human resource management
  • individualized study
  • information systems management
  • international finance
  • international management
  • marketing
  • project management
  • supply chain management

Flexible, Online Learning Options

Getting your bachelor's in business administration has never been more convenient. CityU of Seattle offers an online business administration degree as well as a mixed-mode program so you are sure to meet your scheduling needs while learning in a style that works for you. Speak with a CityU advisor today to learn about our flexible course schedules.

Where CityU Can Take You

Your time in CityU's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program will prepare you for jobs in all sectors of business. Our graduates go on to find rewarding careers in government, industry, education, commerce, health-services and non-profit organizations. Those interested in continuing on in a graduate program will be prepared to step into our well-known Master of Business Administration degree program or to further specialize with our many undergraduate and graduate business certificate programs.

Get Started Today!

If you hold a secondary school diploma or international equivalent, you can apply. Start building your business career with CityU's in-class or online business administration degree by contacting a CityU School of Management advisor today.

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Lower-Division Requirements (90)

College Writing: 5
College Mathematics: 5
Humanities: 15
Social Sciences: 15
Natural Sciences/Mathematics: 15
Electives: 35

Upper-Division Requirements (90)

Undergraduate Core (20)
BC 301
BC 302
BC 303
BC 306
Business Core (45)
BSC 401
BSC 402
BSC 403
BSC 407
BSM 405
BSM 407
BSM 495
IS 330
MK 300

Emphasis Requirements (25)

General Management Emphasis (25)
The General Management emphasis is designed for students wishing to pursue a variety of management positions within organizations. This emphasis expands a student's core knowledge of today's business environment to include issues such as E-Commerce, the impact of the global business environment, and project planning.
BSC 400
BSM 304
BSM 404
EC 400
PM 401
Human Resource Management Emphasis (25)
The Human Resource Management emphasis provides students with a solid foundation in general business as well as human resource fundamentals. Employment law, strategic management of human resources, employee relations, and employee benefits are a vital part of this degree.
HR 405
HR 406
HR 407
HR 411
HR 440
Individual Study Emphasis (25)
The B.S. in Individualized Study consists of five courses taken in a specific content area. Coursework may be completed through independent study, current course offerings, or developed for a specific industry or organizational setting. The Individualized Study emphasis is proposed by the student and approved by the Program Director/Sr. Faculty prior to registration.
Information Systems Management Emphasis (25)
The Information Systems Management emphasis is designed for those students who are interested in learning more about how technology can be used in managing organizations, and how to work effectively with technology organizations. This emphasis provides students with the broad technical basis needed to make management decisions related to technology.
IS 308
IS 350
IS 360
IS 470
PM 401
International Finance Emphasis (25)
The International Finance emphasis is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to pursue a career in one of the many paths available in the finance industry, including banking, financial services, corporate finance, and financial analysis. Students who wish to become proficient in financial planning, and those aiming to pursue general management positions, who are equipped with a strong understanding of fundamental financial concepts, will benefit from this emphasis area.
FIN 400
FIN 401
FIN 402
FIN 403
FIN 404
International Management Emphasis (25)
The International Management emphasis provides students with a wide range of knowledge and skills to enable them to function effectively in the world of international business. Students may choose to concentrate on a geopolitical region of interest throughout the emphasis courses, or use each course to broaden their knowledge of different regions of the world.
BSM 411
BSM 412
BSM 413
BSM 414
MK 388
Marketing Emphasis (25)
The Marketing emphasis provides students with a solid foundation in general business as well as marketing fundamentals. Students explore global marketing and marketing research, as well as advertising and consumer behavior. E-marketing is also a key element of the program.
MK 386
MK 390
MK 402
MK 403
MK 404
Project Management Emphasis (25)
Project managers are everywhere. The skills you learn here can help you find work in government, the military, manufacturing, transportation, health care, information technology and education, to name a few. CityU's Project Management emphasis augments the core curricula with a solid foundation in how to organize, lead, and schedule projects in a variety of disciplines.
PM 401
PM 404
PM 406
PM 408
PM 409
Supply Chain Management Emphasis (25)
The emphasis in supply chain management prepares students for careers in procurement, manufacturing operations, planning, distribution and international trade. Students will develop project management, budget management and supply chain-specific knowledge including: forecasting, international trade legislation and performance-based logistics.
BSM 413
BSM 415
ISM 400
MG 360
PM 401