Bachelor of Science in Accounting

AVAILABLE: Online | Mixed Mode

Program Details

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting program at City University of Seattle provides a firm foundation in global business, research, critical thinking, communication and technology while providing students an excellent foundation for examination to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), or Certified Management Accountant (CMA). If you're looking to develop skills in research, analysis and critical thinking, but still maintain an ability to communicate well on a layman's level, a bachelor's degree in accounting may be for you. CityU of Seattle's undergraduate accounting program will prepare you for lifelong learning in the ever-changing field of accounting.

Flexible, Online Learning Options

CityU offers an online accounting program in addition to a mixed-mode program, with some courses available in a traditional classroom setting. We designed the program to fit around your life so you can enter the high-demand accounting profession with little disruption. Talk to an advisor to get more details about CityU's online accounting program today.

Where CityU Can Take You

Many of our graduates go on to specialize as cost accountants, staff accountants, tax accountants or auditors, but since accounting is the "language of business", we've seen alumni go on to rewarding business careers in a variety of roles:
  • financial manager
  • financial analyst
  • controller
  • public accountant
  • accounting manager
  • auditor
  • cost accountant
  • tax accountant

Get Started Today!

Applying to get your bachelor's degree in accounting from CityU is quick and painless. If you have a high school diploma or equivalent, contact a School of Management advisor to learn more about getting your Bachelor of Science in Accounting online with CityU. For scholarship options, see the AICPA website.

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Lower-Division Requirements (90)

College Writing: 5
College Mathematics: 5
Humanities: 15
Social Sciences: 15
Natural Sciences/Mathematics: 15
Electives: 30
Required Lower Division Courses (5)
AC 215

Upper-Division Requirements (90)

Undergraduate Core (10)
BC 301
BC 303
Business Core (35)
BSC 402
BSC 407
BSM 405
BSM 407
BSM 495
IS 330
MK 300
Major Required Courses (45)
AC 301
AC 302
AC 303
AC 312
AC 405
AC 411
AC 412
AC 420
AC 430
Note: Accounting majors must demonstrate proficiency in basic accounting concepts through the completion of AC 215, Fundamentals of Accounting, at City University of Seattle or the equivalent, prior to enrolling in the major required courses.
Forty-five additional credit hours (in addition to a Bachelor's degree) are required to sit for the CPA exam in the State of Washington as of June 2000. These additional credit hours may be obtained at the undergraduate or graduate level. Please consult the State Board of Accountancy in the state where you plan to take the exam for your state's specific requirements.