Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Program Details

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (IT) at City University of Seattle is a rigorous undergraduate program that offers the convenience of an online IT degree with the benefit of our state-of-the-art laboratories. Students will master the technologies and services employed in modern Information System (IS) environments, gaining insights from a faculty of current industry leaders and professionals.

Getting your Information Technology bachelor's degree from CityU of Seattle's trusted Technology Institute gives you immediate credibility on job applications and a strong arsenal of technology know-how. When taking this program, you can choose from the following emphasis areas:

  • healthcare IT
  • information security
  • networking

City University of Seattle's Information Security Programs, including the Information Security Emphasis area, have been recognized by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security as being among the Top 3% of programs nationally. Only two 4-year schools in the state have earned this distinction.

Flexible, Online Learning Options

Courses are available online and can be completed at your own pace in as little as two and a half years. The program's rigor is its standout quality, making your CityU IT degree a highly marketable asset for your technology career. After covering the fundamentals of computing, you'll take a wide variety of courses, such as ethics, information management, project management, critical thinking, calculus, human/computer interaction and programming. Contact our advisors to learn more.

Where CityU Can Take You

If you are a certified network professional or new to the technology field, our 180 credit program will meet all of your needs for an online bachelor's degree in IT. We'll set you up with the skills to support business critical systems in a number of IT positions:
  • systems analyst or engineer
  • network engineer
  • computer scientist or specialist
  • data analyst
  • database engineer
  • information engineer or specialist

Get Started Today!

You can apply to CityU's Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program with a high school diploma or GED. If you're ready to tackle the challenges you'll face in the ever-changing IT environment, set yourself up for success by contacting our advisors today.

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Lower Division Requirements (90)

College Composition: 5
College Mathematics: 5
Humanities: 15
Social Sciences: 15
Natural Sciences/Mathematics: 15
Electives: 15
Required Lower Division Courses (20)
CS 225
IS 201
MATH 146
MATH 151

Upper Division Requirements (90)

Core Requirements (55)
BC 301
CS 302
CS 306
IS 340
IS 350
IS 410
IS 461
IS 470
IS 471
PM 401
Choose one of the following:
CS 330
IS 308
Capstone (10)
CS 495
CS 496
Health Information Technology Emphasis (25)
CS 310
CS 430
CS 432
CS 482
IS 472
Information Security Emphasis (25)
CS 481
IS 464
IS 468
IS 472
Choose one of the following:
CJ 360
CJ 361
CJ 424
Networking Emphasis (25)
CS 300
CS 332
CS 436
CS 481
CS 492