Professional Certification for School Counselors: Educational Staff Associate

AVAILABLE: Online | Mixed Mode

Program Details

City University of Seattle now offers one of the four state approved Professional Certification for School Counselors: Educational Staff Associate programs. A cohort-based model that utilizes a web-based portfolio strategy, our program is a job-embedded process built around a Professional Growth Plan and tailored to meet the working school counselor's skills and strengths. The program centers on the construction of a school-based action-research and evidence-based project to improve student achievement. Ultimately, this program is a collaborative process between the school counselor, their school's Professional Growth Team and City University.

Effective In-Class and Online Learning

After identifying a Professional Growth Team and goal areas, candidates will receive ongoing support from our expert faculty to develop, design and collect evidence for their project to improve student achievement. There will be a minimum of 1-2 quarterly in-class sessions to provide support, review evidence, and receive instruction as needed by the cohort. Contact an advisor to learn more.

Where CityU Can Take You

All ESA school counselors with a Residency Certificate in Washington State are required to begin an approved ProCert program before their residency certificate expires. CityU's program supports continued growth in the profession for all school counselors.

Get Started Today!

This program is designed specifically for those with a current Washington State Residency ESA School Counselor Certificate, three years of experience in the field and the completed Verification of Educational Staff Associate Experience Form. If you meet those requirements, you can apply today! Learn more about our counseling degrees and certification programs by contacting a CityU advisor today.
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