Master of Education in Educational Leadership: Administrator Certification

AVAILABLE: Online | Mixed Mode

Program Details

City University of Seattle offers a master of education (M.Ed.) degree with administrator certification. The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership can provide the Administrator Certification needed for educators who wants to become a principal or program administrator in a public or private school.

Getting a Washington State Residency Administrator Certificate requires a master degree from a state approved program and extensive field experience in school administration. The CityU program is approved by the Professional Educator Standards Board and includes a year-long mentored internship that prepares graduates to succeed in leadership positions.

Flexible, Online Learning Options

With CityU of Seattle, a master in educational leadership can be completed online or in a mixture of online and in-class learning.

CityU is one of the largest providers of principal certificates in the state and the largest provider of residency program administrator certificates. Our alumni include award-winning principals and assistant principals that are recognized by state and national professional organizations. To join the ranks of CityU's Albright School of Education graduates leading schools and programs, contact an advisor to learn more.

Where CityU Can Take You

A mixed-mode or online masters in educational leadership prepares graduates to become a certified principal or program administrator in Washington State. Our expert faculty support candidates throughout internship experiences and well into first education or administration positions.

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Graduate Foundation Core (9)
Choose one of the following:
ECU 511
EEA 512
Choose one of the following:
ECU 526
EEA 514
Choose one of the following:
ECC 515
ECU 535
EEA 509
Educational Leadership Emphasis (24)
EEA 521
EEA 524
EEA 525
EEA 526
EEA 527
EEA 533
EEA 537
Choose one of the following:
ECU 514
EEA 520
Internship (12)
EEA 605
EEA 606
EEA 607
EEA 620
EEA 621
EEA 622