Master of Education in Special Education


Program Details

The Master of Education in Special Education at City University of Seattle was designed for active classroom teachers who want to take control of their education with our performance-based learning structure. You'll tailor your learning to meet the needs of your current classroom, utilizing research-based educational methods to develop the teaching areas you want to work on. Our faculty is made up of educational leaders with a range of expertise so you can benefit from the best of current research, diversity and global educational practices.

Flexible, Online Learning Options

CityU of Seattle's master's degree in special education utilizes your current classroom for on-site internship opportunities. But beyond this in-person element, you can complete your assignments, write-ups, assessments and projects almost exclusively online.

This online special education degree program is one of our most hands-on, personalized programs at CityU. We offer a multitude of resources as well as professional collaboration and detailed faculty feedback so you can track your progress and make the most of each opportunity as you learn. Connect with an Albright School of Education advisor to see what the program could look like for you.

Where CityU Can Take You

If you want to take your teaching to the next level or move into a leadership role in your district, a CityU special education master's degree can help position you for success. If special education is a new passion of yours, this program gives you the opportunity to earn a first-time Washington State special education endorsement and shift into a special education teaching role. We'll make sure you complete appropriate internships and help you prepare for the Washington Educator Skills Test (WEST-E ®).

Get Started Today!

Your current teaching certificate and accredited bachelor's degree is all you need to apply to our M. Ed. in Special Education program. Candidates typically graduate in 9 quarters; however, you can set your own pace and graduate in as few as 7 quarters or up to 4 years. Contact an advisor to get started today.
Graduate Foundation Core (18)
ECU 501
ECU 502
ECU 503
Special Education Core (27)
ESP 555
ESP 670
ESP 671
ESP 672
ESP 673
ESP 674
ESP 675
ESP 677
ESP 679
Master Thesis Project (3)
ECU 601