Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice


Great Option for Veterans

If you a Veteran looking to start or enhance your career in law enforcement, corporate investigations, or cyber forensic investigation? City University of Seattle has set aside number of scholarships program with your specific career and education goals in mind! Find out more information about the scholarship.

Program Details

City University of Seattle now offers a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. This is a multi-disciplinary degree program that combines aspects of public and business administration with the narrative and practice of justice. Our approach purposely gives students credible education with an eye toward applications into either traditional public sector careers such as law enforcement, criminal investigations, inspector general, or juvenile justice; or, towards the private sector, for careers involving corporate investigations and risk mitigation- including cyber forensic investigations.

The CityU of Seattle online criminal justice program is taught by a faculty of active practitioners whose experiences enhance discussion and ensure coverage of the most current topics across a broad range of criminology fields.

City University of Seattle's Information Security Programs, including the Cyber Forensic Investigation Emphasis area, have been recognized by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security as being among the Top 3% of programs nationally. Only two 4-year schools in the state have earned this distinction.

Flexible, Online Learning Options

All of the upper-division courses in this degree program are offered online for your convenience. If you wish, you may take some lower division coursework in class, or you may complete your entire criminal justice degree online. Work with our advisors to create a course sequence that meets your individual needs and sets you up for an inspiring career.

Where CityU Can Take You

Completing the CityU bachelor's program in criminal justice will give you the foundation you need to work in corporate or business settings as well as traditional ones- such as law enforcement, probation, or corrections. Once you graduate, you'll be equipped to enter a variety of careers in the following areas:
  • justice administration
  • military and homeland security
  • corporate risk mitigation
  • corrections and juvenile justice
  • criminal investigations
  • fraud and oversight investigation
  • cyber forensic investigations

Do you have Criminal Justice or Military Experience?

If so, then you may already have earned credit. If you have completed an approved criminal justice Training Academy (police, corrections, parole, etc.) then you qualify for 25 quarter credits toward lower-division electives. And if you have Military Experience, then you may already have earned credit toward your CityU Criminal Justice degree. Ask an advisor to see if you qualify.

Get Started Today!

The application of skills and knowledge in this multi-disciplinary field relies on well-trained, capable men and women who can think critically and act tactically. If you want an impactful career, you need a well-rounded education. Set yourself up for success by contacting a CityU advisor today.

Take a Tour of an Online Course

Curious about how our online criminal justice courses work? The video below is a guided tour of a typical course. It answers the most common questions that students ask. Check it out and contact us if you have any questions.

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Lower Division Requirements (90)

College Writing: 5
College Mathematics: 5
Humanities: 10
Social Sciences: 5
Natural Sciences/Mathematics: 10
Electives: 35
Required Lower Division Courses (20)
CJ 211
HUM 210
SSC 202
SSC 204

Upper Division Requirements (90)

Criminal Justice Core (45)
CJ 314
CJ 318
CJ 330
CJ 333
CJ 335
CJ 350
CJ 360
CJ 365
PSY 311
Capstone Courses (5)
CJ 465

Emphasis Requirements (40-45)

Corporate Security and Investigation Emphasis (35)
This specialization is designed to merge previous coursework with particular features of business security, risk, and investigations. The specialization takes an expansive view of risks in order to protect employees, clients and customers, assets, and operations from internal and external threats, such as employee theft and fraud, workplace violence, espionage and beyond. This specialization is tailored for students who want to further their career in a private sector setting.
BSC 401
BSC 407
CJ 363
CJ 410
CJ 422
CJ 424
MG 360
Electives (5)
In addition to the above courses, take a 5 credit elective course.
Cyber Forensic Investigation Emphasis (45)
This specialization, comprised largely of courses from the Information Security program, is designed to appeal to those who are already practicing some aspect of investigation, data or information risk, or cyber forensics and want to obtain more refined knowledge and expertise in cyber-based investigations. It also appeals to military personnel interested in leveraging their previous technical knowledge and experience while transitioning their careers. This specialization is tailored for students who want to further their career in a either a public or a private sector setting.
CJ 361
CJ 362
CS 306
CS 481
IS 308
IS 461
IS 464
IS 468
IS 472
This emphasis may require 185 credits to complete the program.
Justice Administration Emphasis (40)
This specialization builds upon previous coursework to provide students with advanced technical knowledge and skills in policy and operations. This specialization is tailored for students who want to further their career in a public sector setting.
CJ 341
CJ 405
COM 461
MG 360
Choose one of the following:
CJ 320
CJ 340
CJ 351
In addition to the above courses, take three elective courses (5 credits each).

A cross-section of public service and industry experience guide the criminal justice program.

In approaching our curriculum we asked ourselves- knowing what we now know about the state of the world what kind of criminal justice program would best situate our students to begin or further their careers. Clearly, the answer involved combining curriculum that integrates issues and materials from a wide array of academic and professional areas- from public administration to business administration and criminology, political science, economics, psychology, and much more. Likewise, our ability to design and teach curriculum that meets this cross-disciplinary mandate must have a team of professionals behind it that is equally diverse.

Being that most of our classes are offered online means that we can draw upon a national pool of experts. Below are a few of our colleagues who collaborate to build and teach courses. Some of our colleagues below provide guidance on curriculum matters, many do that and as well as teach our classes- all of them are experienced and skilled practitioners whose ability to communicate that knowledge through our courses is as unique and distinctive as our program.

Dr. Vincenzo A. Sainato
Dr. Vincenzo A. Sainato
is the Criminal Justice Program Director and is an expert in police administration, cybercrime, international crime, and risk analysis.
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Dr. Erik Fretheim
Dr. Erik Fretheim (Lt. Col., US Army retired)
is a Professor and Executive Director at CityU. He is an expert in information security, cyber warfare, and advanced biometric security technologies.
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John F. Cataldi
John F. Cataldi
is an expert in counter-espionage, complex investigations, terrorism, and administration.
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Dr. John DeCarlo
Dr. John DeCarlo
is an expert in police administration, crime prevention, leadership, and innovation.
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Cdr. Tim Gately
Cdr. Tim Gately
is an expert in police supervision, management, and public administration.
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Jessica Giner
Jessica Giner, Esq
specializes in criminal law and procedure and sex offender prosecutions.
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Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson
Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson
is an expert in police innovation and administration.
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Chief Jeffery Kumorek
Chief Jeffery Kumorek (ret.)
is an expert in police administration, criminal investigation, and emergency management.
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Iara Rodriguez
Iara Rodriguez, Esq
specializes criminal law, corporate fraud, cybercrime and data privacy law.
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Suzanne W. Sainato
Suzanne W. Sainato, Esq
specializes in evaluating corporate operational, regulatory, and financial reporting risks.
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Dr. Robert Edward Tarwacki, Sr.
Dr. Robert Edward Tarwacki, Sr.
is an expert in polygraphy, cybercrime and complex investigations, policy analysis, and organizational management.
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Roland Taylor
Roland Taylor
is an expert in international crime and public-private partnerships, cybercrime, and police management/rule of law in post war/critical incident nations.
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Dennis Thornton
Captain Dennis Thornton
has extensive experience in death investigations, interrogation techniques, ethics, and forensic evidence collection.
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