Bachelor of Arts in Human Services


Program Details

The Bachelor of Arts in Human Services is one of City University of Seattle's most versatile degree programs. It prepares students for a variety of jobs in social and human service and in allied healthcare environments. In our program, students gain interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to make a positive difference with individuals, families, and communities in need. In addition to a general human services degree, CityU of Seattle offers the opportunity to drill down to your preferred area of expertise by offering five emphasis areas:
  • addiction recovery services
  • aging/older adult services
  • child and adolescent services
  • health and human services administration
  • human services in criminal justice
This program also includes a six-month, 350-hour internship at a human services agency focusing on a student’s emphasis area. The internship integrates theories learned in the classroom with real-life practice at an agency. Students work under the supervision of an experienced human service professional, gaining skills and experience in the field.

Flexible, Online Learning Options

All of our B.A. in Human Services courses are available online and taught by a faculty of active practitioners who will cover current, relevant topics in your field. We offer our undergraduate human services degree online so you can have more time to impact lives around you while you study, whether that's through our field experience courses or by applying your learning to your everyday experiences. Connect with our advisors to see what the program could look like for you.

Where CityU Can Take You

CityU graduates who complete their human services degree online often continue on to graduate programs in counseling, social work, psychology or healthcare administration. However, your Bachelor of Arts in Human Services degree helps qualify you for many professional careers, including the following:
  • child development worker
  • case manager
  • chemical dependency counselor
  • mental health aide
  • social work assistant
  • community outreach worker
  • youth activity counselor
  • program manager or administrator
  • probation officer
You'll find a wide variety of environments in which to use your skills. Group homes, retirement communities, correctional facilities, government service agencies, community health organizations, immigrant and refugee programs, mental health counseling centers, youth service agencies, homeless advocacy groups, and substance abuse treatment programs are just a few examples of organizations that employ human services professionals.

Get Started Today!

CityU makes it easy to fit your education into your life. Get your human services degree online with a trusted, non-profit institution so you can start impacting lives like you've always wanted. Get in touch with our advisors and start your journey today.

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Lower-Division Requirements (90)

College Writing: 5
College Mathematics: 5
Humanities: 15
Social Sciences: 15
Natural Sciences/Mathematics: 15
Electives: 25
Required Lower Division Courses (10)
PSY 201
PSY 202

Upper-Division Requirements (90)

Human Services Core (60)
HSVC 310
HSVC 320
HSVC 340
HSVC 410
HSVC 420
HSVC 490
HSVC 495
PSY 311
PSY 312
PSY 317
PSY 421
SOC 306

Electives or Emphasis Area (30)

Choose Electives or an Emphasis Area to complete the last 30 credits of the program.
Addiction Recovery Services Emphasis (30)
HSVC 455
PSY 413
PSY 414
PSY 418
SOC 412
In addition to the above courses, take one elective course (5 credits).
Aging/Older Adult Services Emphasis (30)
PSY 323
PSY 414
PSY 423
SOC 318
SOC 412
In addition to the above courses, take one elective course (5 credit).
Child and Adolescent Services Emphasis (30)
PSY 323
PSY 415
PSY 422
SOC 320
SOC 412
In addition to the above courses, take one elective course (5 credits).
Health and Human Services Administration Emphasis (30)
HL 310
HL 330
HL 420
HL 440
HSVC 360
In addition to the above courses, take one elective course (5 credit).
Human Services in Criminal Justice Emphasis (30)
PSY 322
PSY 323
SOC 319
SOC 320
SOC 412
In addition to the above courses, take one elective course (5 credit).
Electives (30)
Choice of six upper-division elective courses offered at City University of Seattle or transferred from an accredited institution with a grade of 2.0 or above.
Liz Stevens
Liz Stevens, MSW, LICSW
Liz Stevens is an Associate Professor and Program Director for the Bachelor of Arts in Human Services (BAHS) program at CityU. In that role, she also coordinates the internships for BAHS students. Liz came to CityU from the University of Washington (UW), where she worked for 21 years.
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Ellen Carruth
Ellen Carruth, Ph.D., NCC, LMHC
Dr. Ellen Carruth is currently an Associate Professor at City University of Seattle. She is the Clinical Training Coordinator and teaches extensively in the Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) program, as well as in the BAHS program.
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Stephen Condit
Stephen Condit, Ph.D.
Dr. Stephen Condit is an Associate Professor, Principal Faculty, and Associate Program Director in the School of Management at CityU. Stephen received his MS in Zoology and Physiology (emphasis aquatic ecology) from the University of Wyoming and his PhD in Religious Studies (emphasis in ethics) from Rice University.
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Lauriel Elsa-Gordon
Lauriel Elsa-Gordon, LMHC, MA, M.Ed.
Lauriel Elsa-Gordon is an Associate Faculty member in the BAHS program at CityU. She holds a Master's in Education from Pacific Lutheran University and a Master's in Psychology from Antioch University. She has been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington since 2010.
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Christina Forsythe
Christina Forsythe, MS, LMHC
Christina Forsythe is an Associate Faculty member in the BAHS and BAAP programs at CityU. She has been teaching online courses since 2007, and was recently awarded the 2014 City University of Seattle President's Award for Excellence in Teaching.
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Garrin Ross
Garrin Ross, MA, CID
Garrin Ross is a Principal Faculty member in the Division of Arts and Sciences at CityU. In 1989, he began what has been a diverse career in the broad field of psychology, including human and social services; and he has witnessed a variety of theoretical shifts in the field and sub-fields throughout the many years.
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