Master of Arts in Leadership

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Program Details

The Master of Arts in Leadership degree at City University of Seattle prepares students to become strategic leaders in industries that range from global commerce and technology to non-profit, health care, military, government, education and human services. With your Master's Degree in Leadership from CityU of Seattle, you'll learn to make your organization stronger, communicate your vision, and position yourself for promotion. Our curriculum will prepare you to lead by focusing on the following skills:
  • apply whole-systems thinking and strategic planning to impact decision-making
  • practice interpersonal skills to coach and motivate individuals both up and down the org chart
  • work collaboratively to make ethically, socially and environmentally responsible decisions
  • navigate organizational politics and building strong teams within diverse cultural groups
  • utilize entrepreneurial and critical thinking skills to assess progress and catalyze innovation

Flexible, Online Learning

You can earn your CityU master's in leadership in an online setting. Most students finish the program within two years through our flexible, online course offerings, allowing you to fit the program around your life. Our advisors can help you chart a course toward your master's degree in leadership today.

Where CityU Can Take You

Anyone from virtually any industry can position themselves for success with CityU's Master of Arts in Leadership degree. Our graduates hold titles as diverse as vice president, corporate executive, general manager, executive director, consultant and editor-in-chief.

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Your four-year degree from an accredited university qualifies you to apply to CityU's Master of Arts in Leadership program. Meaningful leadership begins at CityU. Contact an advisor to learn more about taking your career to the next level.
Leading Change through Whole-Systems Thinking and Coaching Core (18)
MAL 505
MAL 515
MAL 525
MAL 535
MAL 545
MAL 550
Global Leadership through Technology and Communication Management Core (15)
MAL 560
MAL 570
MAL 580
MAL 590
MAL 600
Leadership Experience (12)
MAL 650
MAL 660
Note: Scheduling sequence: No prerequisites are required for any of the core courses, except the Leadership Experience (MAL 650 and 660) which may not be taken until all 11 core courses have been completed. MAL 660 may not be taken until completion of MAL 650.

Recommendation: All courses should be taken in numerical sequence, if possible, for smoother flow of related concepts.