Vysoka Skola Financni a Spravni (VSFS)

Vysoka Skola Financni a Spravni or University of Finance and Administration is the largest private institution of higher education in the Czech Republic, both in the number of students and in the number of full-time faculty. Together, these factors provide a rich educational experience for the students who study here. City University of Seattle's partnership with VSFS allows Czech students to engage in MBA studies.

A distinguishing factor of the MBA program in Prague is the unique faculty mix. Students are taught by experienced local faculty as well as by City University of Seattle's distinguished traveling international MBA instructors. Selection to the City University of Seattle MBA program at VSFS is based on a combination of previous business experience, academic background, and competence in the English language. VSFS is proud to host this flagship program which is attracting students from top national and international companies.

MBA graduates from this program are employed as financial advisors, finance managers, and in executive leadership positions, demonstrating the quality of the program.