Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP)

Through this program, students working on their UPAEP licenciatura or ingeniero can invest in their global education with City University of Seattle.

Through the UPAEP partnership with CityU of Seattle, students may earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) or Bachelor of Arts in Management (B.A.M.). Both CityU programs are designed so students can complete them in the same amount of time it takes to finish their UPAEP undergraduate degree.

In the Double Degree program, students will learn from expert faculty in their field and spend two consecutive summers abroad at CityU sites in Seattle and in Europe. The typical length of each stay is about three weeks.

The B.S.B.A. program is a perfect fit for UPAEP business majors while the CityU B.A.M. is specifically tailored for the university's other majors.

For more information, please contact Mercedes Alejandra Hernandez Pacheco, Double Degree program coordinator. Also, visit the UPAEP Double Degree program website.

About the UPAEP and CityU Partnership

Like CityU, UPAEP is a private, not-for-profit university with a similar vision: to provide students with an international education. The two schools signed an agreement in January 2010 to offer two of CityU's high-quality programs at the Mexican university's Puebla campus, which caters to students who live south of Mexico City. The Double Degree programs are the first degrees of their kind to be offered to the university's undergraduate business and engineering students.

UPAEP first opened its doors in 1973 and today enrolls more than 8,000 undergraduate and 3,500 graduate students each year to its dozens of programs. University faculty put a strong emphasis on educating environmentally conscious students in an effort to cultivate future leaders who can transform society.

The Secretary of Education ranks UPAEP among the top 15 private universities in Mexico. The university is accredited by the Mexican Federation of Private Universities (FIMPES).