Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL)

This program is designed for UANL students looking to pursue an American business degree and international travel. Students enrolled in FACPYA (UANL's business school) may start working toward a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) and continue to earn their licenciatura.

With City University of Seattle and FACPYA's Double Degree program, students will learn global business strategies from American professors at FACPYA's campus. Through the CityU of Seattle and FACPYA partnership, students will spend three weeks abroad in Seattle or in a European CityU location where they will learn from faculty who teach what they do for a living. In just nine semesters, students will graduate with a highly sought-after degree from a U.S. accredited university along with a UANL degree. Students will move into the competitive job market having perfected their English/Spanish interpretation skills, and are also eligible to enroll in an English-language graduate school.

For more information, please contact Lic. Horacio Carreon Flores, Double Degree Program Coordinator. Also, visit the FACPYA website.

About the UANL and CityU Partnership

CityU and UANL entered into a joint partnership to offer CityU's B.S.B.A. program to Mexican business students in 2007. The program - primarily based in the country's top manufacturing city of Monterrey - received its first group of students in Fall quarter of 2010.

A public institution founded in 1933, UANL is the third-largest university in Mexico and offers 221 programs that range from undergraduate to doctorate level.

More than 115,000 make up the student body - many of whom strive to be society's leading professionals, researchers, professors and technicians. More than 15,000 students belong to UANL's business school FACPYA.

UANL is decentralized from the federal government with full legal capacity. The university also works to continually develop and improve its academic offerings. The National Council of Educative Evaluation (CIEES) accredits all UANL undergraduate programs and the National Graduate Studies List, CONACYT (PNPC) acknowledges 66 graduate programs. Among the university's international accreditation, the civil engineering program is recognized by Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET).