Banking Academy of Vietnam (BAV)

Banking Academy of Vietnam The 3 + 1 program offered by The Banking Academy of Vietnam and CityU is a specially designed program for Vietnamese students who wish to earn a U.S. degree, but are not able to study in the U.S. The joint program was launched in fall of 2012 and is CityU's first undergraduate program where U.S. course delivery is offered in Vietnam.

Students in the Banking Academy of Vietnam – CityU program will:

  • Complete three years of study at BAV and then a senior year with CityU to receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialty emphasis in Finance.
  • Have an option during their final quarter of study to transfer from Vietnam to CityU's main campus in Seattle to complete their degree under CityU's mobility program.
Hoc Vien Ngan Hang or Banking Academy of Vietnam (BAV) was established in 1961 and is a State-Owned institution of higher education. The institution was established for the purposes of delivering professional education, higher education, and post-graduate training in the fields of monetary funds, credit and banking. The institution offers diploma, bachelor's, master’s, and doctorate programming in business, finance & banking, accounting, and management information systems.

For more information on enrolling in this program, please contact the Banking Academy of Vietnam at Address:

Hoc Vien Ngan Hang
No 12, Chua Boc, Dong Da disc.
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 84.4.38521305
Fax: 84.4.38525024

Mr. Do Viet Cuong
International Training and Cooperation Centre
Banking Academy of Vietnam
Tel: +84.4.3572.6384
Mobile: +84.914.924.188