Vysoká Škola Manažmentu (VSM)





Mailing address:
Vysoká Škola Manažmentu
Bezrucova 64
911 01 Trenčín


City University of Seattle began offering degree programs in (then) Czechoslovakia in 1991 shortly after the "Velvet Revolution." After Slovakia became a sovereign state in 1993, City University of Seattle founded a new Slovak college called Vysoká Škola Manažmentu, established by law of the National Council. It received formal accreditation for undergraduate business studies from the Slovak Ministry of Education, thus becoming the first private college in Slovakia. Students who study at City University of Seattle (VSM) have the unique opportunity to receive dual degrees: the City University of Seattle degree (BSBA) and the Slovak Bachelor's degree (Bc.). At the Master's level, students also have the option of receiving the City University MBA degree, the VSM Mgr. degree, or both.

City University of Seattle (VSM) has two locations in Slovakia. In the capital city of Bratislava, City University of Seattle occupies its own building that serves as the university's European headquarters. This modern facility houses 15 classrooms, 2 computer labs and a library. In the provincial capital of Trenčín, the City University of Seattle facility hosts similar features (including student dorms). Students at both of these City University of Seattle locations enjoy the added benefit of learning from well-qualified international as well as local Slovak faculty.